Credits to Credit Card From Tesla?

Credits to Credit Card From Tesla?

Has anyone else noticed any credits to your credit card on file (used for Super Charging) from Tesla? I checked my credit card charges this morning and noticed three separate small credits from Tesla. There were for $.50, $.50 and $.65. Very strange. Anyone else?

Passion2Fly | 2019年10月12日

Yes, lots of folks did. Something must have happened with their accounting...

geedub1023 | 2019年10月12日

@ Passion2Fly Thanks. I'm traveling so I haven't had a chance to read the M3 "Forum" in awhile so I hadn't seen previous posts about these credits.

Devilstower | 2019年10月12日

@geedub1023 I just got an inbox note from Tesla crediting me with 146 miles of supercharging that it says were applied "in error." It doesn't give any details about how it happened, but I suspect just a foul-up in data coming from some stations.

Vanilla ICE-less | 2019年10月12日

I had one as well, happened to be for the exact same amount as the tax I was charged for a supercharging session in Texas. Are they returning the tax?

geedub1023 | 2019年10月12日

@Devilstower & @Vanilla Good info! I live in Texas so it probably is some sort of tax refund since I had three credits and have used Super Chargers on only 3 occasions.

StElmosfire | 2019年10月12日

Vanilla ICE-less I also received four charges for: .12, .12, .35 and .35. I haven’t charged in Texas in over a year and during that trip I charged six times at six different locations. I e-mailed Tesla regarding the charges and haven’t received a response as of yet.

kendallweihe | 2019年10月12日

Yup. I had 26 credits applied yesterday! Amounting to ~$9.

PHLT3 | 2019年10月12日

I received 6 refunds on my credit card in amounts of:

0.21 0.21 0.18 0.18 0.57 0.57

I misread my statement and thought they were charges, not credits, so I spent 45 minutes on hold with Tesla to see if they could tell me what they were (I was doing other computer work at the time). They had no idea and said they would escalate the issue.

We have supercharged, it looks like, 7 times since we got the car. But I'm guessing because of the duplicates these refunds apply to only 3 of those times.

Unfortunately, none of the supercharges seem to line up with these refunds. I thought maybe it was tax refunded from charges in one state, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

I wonder if Tesla will ever explain this...

kitee8695 | 2019年10月12日

My husband brought all those little credits to my attention this morning, he watches those cc daily, we believe they're all credit for the tax, the cc credit and tax charges are almost the same when added. We live in Arizona and all their supercharger costs have tax, the charges in Nevada did not list tax but their charge was higher, wonder if they just don't break them out, even though their charge lists .29 without tax. We'll be leaving for home in about an hour and be stopping at one of the superchargers we always use, get about 40-50 miles, just enough time for a bathroom stop, I'll be checking to see if they list a tax charge again on the receipt and see if it's credited back to the card if there is.
You know they're gonna look for innovative ways to charge ev's for their loss of gas taxes the cities lose with the cars.

kevin | 2019年10月13日

I got 39 credits totaling $22.49. I presume this is for Supercharging during my road trip across the US. There is one for each Supercharger visit starting this summer. I haven't driven in Texas or Arizona. Some of the credits are larger, $1.22, $3.76, and $2.73, but most are less than a dollar.

geno.kearney | 2019年10月13日

I got 7 credits today. Why wouldn't they send an email explaining these credits?

007bond | 2019年10月13日

I got several and it's actually been a few months since I used a supercharger.

Tronguy | 2019年10月13日

Got three of them today while out driving around. And later that day, an auto-enroll from our credit card company for an additional security feature also showed up in the email.
For a minute there thought that the credit card had been hacked, but the CC company and this forum set it straight.
Nice if Tesla would make some kind of announcement or sent some email explaining what was going on.

PHLT3 | 2019年10月14日

I can't figure mine out. My 6 refunds (3 different amounts each repeated once) total to more than the total tax I've been charged at superchargers. So I don't think it is a refund of tax, at least not in my case.

Very strange. Supposedly my issue was escalated at Tesla and I was promised a call back within 24 hours. It's been about 3 days since I called so I'm not holding my breath expecting them to contact me.

Does anyone else have a strange pattern with their refunds? Mine are 3 values, each repeated once:

0.21 0.21
0.18 0.18
0.57 0.57

I tried reaching out using the chat function online, but the chat button appears broken / doesn't work.

Tyerc | 2019年10月15日


elliott353 | 2019年10月15日

At first I thought these were hack charges and called whoever I could to find out what they were. Tesla chat had no idea and told me to contact my bank. I did. I disputed the charges then, of course, realized they were credits (Tesla's giving me money?!). I even had the service guy's number and texted clue. If you call the number associated with the credit you get only an endless loop. I was about to ask for a new card until I saw everyone else here with the same credits. Still not sure it's not a hack of some kind...especially since Tesla's not saying a word about it. Maybe Tesla doesn't want the publicity around some kind of screw up. Since the stock tanked I'm happy to get any thing back from Tesla!

blinky | 2019年10月15日

Add another one to the list. I have that too, some of them come in pairs.

catoriswann | 2019年10月15日

Same. Seven credits, three pairs. Can see no correlation.

sowa.greg | 2019年10月16日

I just looked on the inbox of my Tesla app and there's a message from Tesla in there with the subject line "Refund in progress".

It goes on to say that they discovered see inaccurate transactions in my supercharging history and have issued a credit for $1.18 to my card. The interesting thing here is I don't see any single transaction for $1.18...theyre a bunch of smaller transactions (one as small as $0.12).

PHLT3 | 2019年10月16日

I received the same message. I don’t believe it, though. If it were a single bad transaction I would expect a single refund. It’s odd that there are multiple tiny refunds. This implies to me that something small is wrong with multiple sessions.

“We discovered an inaccurate transaction in your supercharging payment history.

We have already refunded $1.92 back to your credit card. We expect this refund to take up to 10 business days to reflect in your credit card statement.

Thank you for being a Tesla owner and supporting our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

sowa.greg | 2019年10月16日

Mine said inaccurate transactionS (plural), so my guess is they're refunding the - what I'm guessing is - overpayment for each individual charging session rather than as one lump some for all overbilled charging sessions.

sowa.greg | 2019年10月16日

Mine said inaccurate transactionS (plural), so my guess is they're refunding the - what I'm guessing is - overpayment for each individual charging session rather than as one lump some for all overbilled charging sessions.

ArcticStation | 2019年10月16日

I'm getting almost $6 back. At least it isn't a charge!

PHLT3 | 2019年10月16日

Mine is singular, "an inaccurate transaction" yet I have 6 tiny refunds. So strange.

geedub1023 | 2019年10月17日

I received the message in my Tesla phone app as well a few days ago. I suspect the particular number of credits must be linked to the use of certain superchargers. I received three small credits (see initial post as the OP) and have only used a SC three times. Anyway...I'm happy they're credits and not charges!

nk.forever.509201 | 2019年10月17日

So do I. I got 11 credits.

Glenlakehouse | 2019年10月19日

Yep, got one too. $2.74.

brainstorm.21 | 2019年11月13日

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geedub1023 | 2019年11月13日

@brainstorm.21 Stay on topic or start a separate thread. Or as you say "Who cares about that."

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geedub1023 | 2019年11月13日

@hokiegir1 Thanks....first time I've seen it. Flagged!