Making Dashcam/Sentry work with Jeda V2 wireless charging pad.

Making Dashcam/Sentry work with Jeda V2 wireless charging pad.

I purchased a small USB hub after I got my Model 3 so I could hook up the Jeda V2 wireless charging pad and still use my Sandisk 128GB USB 3.1 memory key to store Dashcam/Sentry video. This worked fine for a while, but once we hit the V9 (2019.32.x) builds I started to have lots of errors saying the USB was too slow to record. Once V10 came out, this only got worse, so I unplugged 1/2 my charging pad and plugged the USB memory key directly into one of the car's USB ports. This seemed to fix the slow USB errors.

So my question is, what setup do I need to have a two sided wireless charger and still be able to capture Dashcam/Sentry video w/o errors? I know many have had luck with the Jeda USB hub, and several have suggested microSD High Endurance cards for the video recording.

If you have a dual charger plus Dashcam/Sentry working with V10 please post your hardware. I appreciate it very much.


gmr6415 | 2019年10月13日

I use a RavPower power bank for the phone cables, leaving the other port open for other uses. Mine is the 32000mAh which has 3 power power outputs.

I don't use a Jeda charger, so I'm not sure it would be compatible, but it's something to look into.

The RavePower power power bank will charge up to 6amps combined, so they charge your phone at the maximum rate.

Firewired | 2019年10月13日

My Nomad pad works without a hitch. I was using a USB hub and USB stick without any issues. Several months ago upgraded to Jeda USB hub and Samsung T5 SSD to clean things up. It has also been working seamlessly. I imagined all the wireless chargers would work like the Nomad's. What issue is there with the Jeda wireless charger that it cannot work through a hub?

Hated | 2019年10月17日

Are you saying I should plug both cords from the Jeda into the hub and the memory stick directly into the car?

There is no issue plugging one Jeda cable into the car and one in the hub, then USB stick in the Hub. Except I get USB slow errors when it's hooked up like this.