Grid and internet down - what happens?

Grid and internet down - what happens?

I have solar plus a Powerwall with the gateway using an ethernet connection to the internet.
If during a disaster the grid and internet are down what is my interface to my system?
Does the Tesla app function on the local TEG wifi? Or is everything opaque?

jrweiss98020 | 2019年10月15日

You can interface directly with your web browser. Just find the IP address of the Gateway (e.g., and go there.

Depending on the configuration of your PV system, you may be able to get more info from it. My Enphase Envoy controller also provides som information directly (

gregbrew | 2019年10月15日

As described on a couple of other threads here, the TEG communications function has a nasty habit of going down with the grid. The TEG itself functions to control the PV-grid-residence-PW, but doesn't report. Happened to me once, and happened to someone else, too. Very weird.

bruceplmail | 2019年10月18日

How do I find my TEG IP address?

Passion2Fly | 2019年10月18日

Do you mean TEG’a SSID? It’s TEG-XXX where xxx are the last three digits of your gateway’s serial number.

jrweiss98020 | 2019年10月18日

Find the IP address via the Network Map in your router's setup pages.

david.morgan2 | 2019年10月22日

So.... what happens next? I know in a power outage my house will receive power from the powerwall, and that eventual the panels are supposed to recharge the powerwall, but I have heard that if my internet connection is also down that the powerwall controller will prevent power delivery to the house.... is that true?

gregbrew | 2019年10月22日

No, David, that is not true. The PWs, PV and the TEG are integrated so that in a grid outage the TEG controls power flows to keep the residence up and running as long as there is adequate energy in the PWs and/or coming from the PV.

I have had an instance (and someone else reported something similar) where there was a grid outage and the TEG stopped communicating through the reporting system. I got no data from the Tesla servers, nor did I get anything from the TEG when I connected to its WAP directly through WiFi, BUT...and I want to stress this...the system still continued to work properly in every other respect. My house circuits continued to function and the TEG continued to manage power to and from the PWs, PV and house. The reporting system is separate from the controlling system in the TEG. Many (most? all?) TEGs contain a Neurio-branded reporting system in the same box as all of the other switching magic. Th reporting system takes current measurements from the Current Transformers (CTs) on the power wires and feeds that data to the communication system for the WiFi, wired Ethernet or AT&T cellular system, depending on how the system is configured.

charlesj | 2019年10月23日

@gregbrew-thanks for the confirmation. Will it update the not reported data if Internet was out with the grid?
How long is data stored? And, as I don't have one installed yet, the stored data has some historical value beyond day to day operation?

gregbrew | 2019年10月24日

Good question that I don't know the answer to. The little communications gateway box that comes with the PV system (NOT the Powerwall TEG), has a small amount of data stored in the inverter that's fed to the Tesla servers after com is restored, which could result in the hourly data being wrong (showing gaps), but the daily data being correct. I'd guess that the amount of data that can be recovered after a com outage is dependent on the length of the outage.

I feel your pain. When Tesla shut down the MySolarCity site, they didn't port over the data set from the prior three years of my PV only history. I have to add it in myself for "Lifetime" production on the Tesla app. Fortunately, I downloaded it all prior to the switch (and if you know where to look, it's still hidden out there).

charlesj | 2019年10月26日

@gregbrew- Thanks. I wonder if my Enphase inverters can pass such stored data to the Tesla part. I am researching all these questions before my purchase to satisfy myself now and not worry after things go belly up after install and not know.

shop | 2019年10月27日

What has been owners real experience during the recent PG&E shut downs? Is your PV/PW solution performing to your expectations?

Q Q | 2019年10月28日

hi @shop - I can tell you about my experience: I have a new 4.41kw system with 2 Powerwalls.

We didn't know our power had gone out until a neighbor texted me to ask how my system was functioning. We were streaming a movie and didn't even see a flicker. That was Saturday night and it's now Monday afternoon. The system has worked flawlessly.

We have power for all our needs - EXCEPT - I cannot fully charge my car without draining the Powerwalls entirely. Together, they are ~26kWh. My car has a 75 battery. So, my car battery is about 3x the capacity of my 2 Powerwalls. I have charged my car a little just to see what that would be like, but it's like what you'd expect: it drains the Powerwalls quickly, so I stopped.

My house uses between .2kw and 1kw per hour or so throughout the day. The car alone is about 9.5kw when charging.

To sum up, I feel really lucky to have gotten my system installed when I did. And when I look around at all my neighbor's dark homes, I feel a touch of survivor guilt... :)

If you need a referral code, here's mine: peter2832

shop | 2019年10月28日

QQ - thanks for the report and glad to hear they are working well for you. I have two EVs (S100D and BMW i3) so I understand the "charge the car" issue, and they sort of beg the question of why the PWs are so expensive!

shop | 2019年10月28日

QQ - what's the referral code?

Q Q | 2019年10月28日

@shop it’s the Tesla referral code. It gets you 1000 Supercharger miles if you buy a Tesla or 10p bud off if you buy solar from Tesla.

I included it as a joke because I think everyone here already has their on code.... but feel free to use mine if you buy solar! :)

Q Q | 2019年10月29日

just noticed my typo. The referral code gets you $100 bux off if you buy solar. Also, Elon tweeted that if you are directly impacted by power outages, they'll take an additional $1000 off....

lilbean | 2019年10月31日

Our gateway has it’s own cell signal. We are battery backup now since SCE shut the power and we can still see the app.

hughbie | 2019年11月5日

Good results for us with 2 PWs and 6.2 kW solar array. Charging the Model 3 was planned for about 1:30 pm onward since the PWs were fully charged by then so solar capacity was available. Tapered the charge rate down, to avoid getting much draw from the PWs. A little help from @gregbrew on a different thread, and some guidance on how to get into the Tesla Energy Gateway allowed us to monitor through the grid outage.