No WIFI connection is being detected by our Model X

No WIFI connection is being detected by our Model X

Our car is not detecting any available WIFI connection. It has worked in the past without problems. Now I am two software updates behind!!!!
Any tip on how to fix this would be great. I have a service scheduled.
Love our car.

lilbean | 2019年10月15日

Just wait for service to do it. Sometimes it can only be done by service. That happened with my 3. | 2019年10月16日

@xenogorow - Try a reboot? Often fixes odd glitches like this.

selbstsa | 2019年10月16日

Depending on how close you are to your router or access point, try the 2.5 GHZ vs. 5 GHZ SSID. Sometimes 5GHZ has trouble going through walls and can get interference. Also, the reboot suggestion may help. Hold both black buttons on the steering wheel while pressing the brake until the “T” reappears after the boot. Do this only at home when you don’t need to use the car.

Vawlkus | 2019年10月18日

Make sure your router isn’t failing. Sometimes they start getting twitchy with wireless transmissions before it fails completely.

dkabq | 2019年10月18日

If reboot doesn't work, Depending on the age of your model X, older ones could only see 2.4 GHz. networks. Mine is a 2017 and only sees the 2.4 GHz, my phone will see both 2.4 and 5 and much stronger signal than my X. so as was suggested it might be router/repeater. My router has dropped the 2.4 network several times but kept the 5 GHz working, I had to reset ( a known problem with tp-link). The WiFi antenna on the older model Xs aren't as good so backing into my garage makes a difference. It is interesting that recently my reception/signal seemed to get weaker and I had to reposition my repeater, so I was seeing issues as well.