Dashcam / sentry videos play on browser / center display?

Dashcam / sentry videos play on browser / center display?

Is Tesla software working on getting center display to play dashcam / sentry video off from USB port? I thought the built in browser is capable of play the video format of dashcam video. It will be huge convenience to play the footage without taking out the usb memory. It doesn't seem to be difficult to add few scripts to get the feature working. Do you know if this feature has been requested? For sure, it will be nice we can delete the files too.

EVRider | 2019年10月19日

Plenty of people would like to have this feature, but Tesla hasn’t revealed any plans to implement it.

walnotr | 2019年10月19日

I can imagine the white board in the development team’s office. It must stretch around the room filled with things people have requested.

All of them simple to implement.

M3phan | 2019年10月19日

Elon recently requested owner ideas, several mentioned this, among other improvements, to which he replied they were good ideas.
So, maybe? I think it makes good sense to me.
(Tap on the Sentry Event notification to call up respective clips.)

walnotr | 2019年10月19日

I totally agree it would be nice to have. For the most part I ignore the sentry alerts. I will do a walk around to make sure it’s a false alarm but it would be nice to do an instant review if anything happened.

hamiltonned | 2019年10月19日

While it isn't too difficult to display a single video from the USB stick, it isn't a simple thing to write the UI. How dues user select which videos to play? How do the videos display--one camera at a time or all three? What speeds to play them? Can user pick just one camera full screen? Will the users be able to delete files?
Coding the UI will be the difficult part and you don't to write a UI that only does a few things to get it out the door quickly.