Slacker Problems

Slacker Problems

I am having an issue with Slacker which I would not have noticed but for the problems with Spotify which needs some work by Tesla. My free Slacker account will no longer connect. I have to use a paid Slacker subscription to get Slacker to work at all. First, I called support and the lady tried to say I had a used car and Slacker accounts don’t transfer to new owners. I explained I bought the car from Tesla brand new with 5 miles on it at Tesla's Richmond, VA store, it was not used in any way, and the delivery specialist went over Slacker with me at delivery, and the free Slacker account definitely worked then and for a few weeks after until I stopped using it. She then said that free Slacker should not have worked because 'your car does not have free Slacker'. After I argued with her, she then said I had to get a paid Slacker account as my car does not have free Slacker service. Once again I explained it did have free Slacker, because I used it until Tesla rolled out Spotify, but it wasn’t working now. At this point I started beating my head against the wall. We went round and round and she finally said someone would call me, but that has not happened.

Since Spotify has issues (drops, spinning wheel, etc that will eventually be fixed), I decided to go back to a Premium Slacker account in the meantime, which worked fine when I was using it before. However when I press ‘Use Tesla Account’, it won’t load Slacker. I can easily log in with my premium account.

I think my free Slacker login script has become corrupted and needs to be refreshed, but don't know what to do next, other than drive to the SC which is an hour away. I'd prefer to use free Slacker over Premium Slacker until Spotify gets fixed.

NKYTA | 2019年10月23日

You should be able to get the Tesla free Slacker account credentials from Tesla. I'd try another call, as painful as that sounds.

TranzNDance | 2019年10月24日

The Slacker account is free to you because Tesla pays or paid for it. It's not really a free account, it's the tier between free and premium. That might be why the rep was confused.

flickroll | 2019年10月24日

Thanks for the input guys. What really set me off was when she said I had a used car and Slacker accounts don't transfer to a new owner. I am the original owner! In any event, 2 things:

I have a service appt at the Richmond, VA SC 11/8 and I'll get them to fix it.

I've been experimenting with converting my extensive list of Apple playlist songs (m4a) to FLAC, placing them in a folder (folder name the same as the origin playlist name) on a small Smsung 256gb thumb drive. So far it seems to work great and is much better than screwing around with Slacker, and will easily get me by until Tesla fixes Spotify. If I want to play something that I have not converted, I can stream Spotify or Apple Music from my iPhone via bluetooth. I'l using a paid ($15) FLAC converter on my Mac and it works great including transferring metadata. And I can walk away from the car and when I come back the last song will play from where it left off. So far working great. I'm using (256gb version):

troyhobbs | 2019年11月3日

YES!! Mine stopped in my Model S a month ago. Circle just spins endlessly. Email from Tesla says they are working on a resolution. Nothing yet. Please keep me posted if you learn any good news. I’ll do the same. Thanks