Web Browser Is Hot Garbage

Web Browser Is Hot Garbage

There’s so much to love about my Model 3... and so much to hate about the Web Browser. It’s just unacceptably bad: Buggy, glitchy, slow af, no tabbed browsing, no video capability (fine, whatever, I get that part), no integration with your regular Chrome browser settings, etc etc etc.

Honestly what gives? RAM and processing power can’t be the issue considering how smooth everything else runs.

CST | 2019年10月27日

Its largely better in the past few releases than it was. Converting to Chromium made a huge difference.

carletoncurtis | 2019年10月27日

Yikes, so I got the improved version?

(Sep19 delivery)

bp | 2019年10月27日

Yeah, it sucks. I just use my iPhone. :)

vmulla | 2019年10月27日


Also, it’s a car - judge it’s browser from that perspective, it was never meant be primary browsing platform.

ODWms | 2019年10月27日

Unless there’s something going on specific to a particular Model 3, I don’t know what’s going on there. For me, personally, the browser is far and away better than when I first got it (Sept, 2018). Now? It works as well as the average browser on the average computer. Not great, but certainly not bad.

gballant4570 | 2019年10月27日

I don't find the browser bad at all. I don't use it a lot, but on Tuesdays I go around with a friend who appraises real estate. When he has an appointment in an occupied property, I'll use the browser while waiting. Its not fantastic, but clearly adequate. As far as car browsers go, its the far and away the very best I've seen.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 2019年10月27日

I haven’t used it. If it’s crap, you shouldn’t either.

howard | 2019年10月27日

There’s a browser on my car??

Bighorn | 2019年10月27日

Ten times better than on the Model S

lbowroom | 2019年10月27日

The browser is ok, but the espresso machine is awesome!

spuzzz123 | 2019年10月27日

Man I didn’t think the browser was that bad. Obviously it’s not something any car needs, but a nice to have in a pinch.

jebinc | 2019年10月27日

They keyboard blows chunks...

jebinc | 2019年10月27日

^^^ The*

Phantom_Menace | 2019年10月27日

It’s actually not bad. Was able to buy a few things off Amazon with no issues and Google new is not bad at all even on LTE. Not iPad Pro levels but not crap either.

gmr6415 | 2019年10月28日

It's 1000% better than the one I didn't have on my last car, and after owning a M3 since August of 2018 I know it will only get better over time as the updates flow in without additional cost.

Maybe that's my upbringing. I was always taught, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."

derotam | 2019年10月28日

Every other manufacturer's in car web browser is so much better...

WW_spb | 2019年10月28日


gmr6415 | 2019年10月28日

While on the subject of the web browser Tesla is doing the right thing (IMO) to keep it safe.

M3phan | 2019年10月28日

Great opening post.
; )

calvin940 | 2019年10月28日

All I can say is that it was quite a bit worse and now is significantly better but of course nowhere near a desktop implementation, but then again it is a car and it works well for the kind of stuff I would really be looking at in the car. I'm sure it will continue to get better over time as it has, but for me, when I do use it I am reading articles and it is definitely much better to read them on the car's screen as opposed to my phone.

syclone | 2019年10月28日

The fart app uses memory that the browser needs to operate properly.

Atoms | 2019年10月28日

If you experienced the previous browser, this one is infinitely better so can’t complain. Yes, much room for improvement, but not awful like before.

M3phan | 2019年10月28日

@ syclone, uh oh, you used my trigger word...

Joshan | 2019年10月28日

It is a bit clunky, but has gotten much better since I have owned the car. But honest question, what car has a better browser?

M3phan | 2019年10月28日


that hurt

M3phan | 2019年10月28日

Agree, it’s handy and is miles better and faster than before. I tend to use Netflix when I’m parked though, and don’t surf the net much

Joshan | 2019年10月28日

My "guess" about the slowness. I will admit I have zero facts to back this claim up.

When you think of you home computer, what is the most vulnerable area? Usually that would be surfing the internet.

Tesla needs to be super careful with this, as if the car gets a virus or malware, lives could be lost. So they may be doing much greater inspection on every incoming packet to greater protect the car. The internet is a nasty place.

Smhach | 2019年10月28日

The only time I ever used the browser was to check the weather.

M3phan | 2019年10月28日

Weather report: cloudy with a chance of meatballs. And meatballs cause farts. SEE?! ITS ALL RELATED!

mialink | 2019年10月28日

My car has a web browser? Never even thought about using it.

(To be clear, first sentence equals sarcasm, second fact)

M3phan | 2019年10月28日

I’ve mostly used it to show off to new riders. I also check it’s speed/usability after major updates. But apart from that honestly only used it a couple times to read this forum.

lbowroom | 2019年10月28日

Yeah, should have a hard keyboard, what were they thinking? /s

calvin940 | 2019年10月28日

hmm.. wonder if they will ever support a BT keyboard? Could use one of those minis..

Half joke really. Would actually appreciate more voice options. That really would be ideal.

Joshan | 2019年10月28日

They support blue tooth controllers now for gaming. Cant imagine a KB would be very hard,

Agree 100% on the voice options! Especially for things you need to do while actively driving like change the wipers or turn on the defroster, etc.