Lid rattle

Lid rattle

Dealing with the first issue for the best car I’ve ever owned. After driving problem-free for more than a year, an irritating rattle has appeared in my console. I’ve isolated it to the lid. When it’s up, the rattle goes away. SC tried to fix it without replacing it. No luck. They suggested the rattle could be caused by the console wrap I added. Can’t see how that’s true. I’ve even added a small bead of lubricant along the edge of the lid wrap. No luck.

For now, I just drive with the lid open.

It appears the only permanent solution is to replace the entire console and buy another wrap kit.

Unless someone out there has a different solution?

bddaughe | 2019年11月1日

Maybe I'm slow, but what part of the car are you referring to as the lid?

ElectricAlex | 2019年11月1日

There are two rubber bumpers that are not sticking up far enough to dampen lid movement when lid is closed. Put some shims under the bumpers so they stick up more and problem goes away. I just used pieces of shop towel.

frolovalevi0 | 2019年11月1日

I have had a rattle sound in the cabin of my Tesla 3 since almost very beginning. I could never identify the reason. Are you saying it is due to the mismatch of the lid in the console?

slingshot18 | 2019年11月2日

I’ve got it. I just lean my arm on it and no rattle. Probably should add a little bumper.

ElectricAlex | 2019年11月2日

I asked Service Center to look at it and asked if there was better fix than mine, they looked and said they would replace the hinge. I am jot convinced that will be better than my fix.

Will let you know.

@frolo looks like it might be out of spec by 1/16 an inch, shim it up and close.

@sling when i tracked it down to the bumpers I drove with arm on to keep it quiet for about a month and fixed it with the shim. I hated being forced to have my arm down on console all the time.