250K+ Cybertruck orders so far - $12+ billion worth!

250K+ Cybertruck orders so far - $12+ billion worth!

Update: 250K orders as of Nov-26 per Elon
Update: 200K orders as of 7pm 24-Nov-19 per Elon
Update: 187K orders as of 1pm 24-Nov-19 per Elon

Elon - "146k Cybertruck orders so far, with 42% choosing dual, 41% tri & 17% single motor"

I'd call it a wild success.

At a conservative average selling price of $50K, that's $12.5 billion in orders.

carlk | 2019年11月23日

Not surprised. It's the best truck by far for the money soon as you get used to the new look.

COLAB | 2019年11月23日

I'm one of this gang who reserved it !!!!! What a vehicle Tesla build, I dreamed that a Car Cie realize it and Elon did it for real.....WOW we are enter in the futur finally….Thanks' for that ELON !

nipper2 | 2019年11月23日

I was in last night

crt6598 | 2019年11月23日

Tesla and Elon literally consumed the internet and social media cycles for at least 24hrs post reveal...and counting. I must say as soon as I saw it, I said “YES!!, now THAT is a truck”. There’s no need for any aftermarket mods (lift kit, suspension, wheels, tires, exhaust, etc). Heck, there’s not even any paint or rust to worry about!!. It can literally survive a hailstorm with no issues. I wonder what the water fording depth is??

We are slowly but most assuredly bidding ICE transport goodbye, and good riddance!!. Up next should be public/commercial transport (buses, delivery trucks, etc).

Pre-ordered the dual motor AWD. Hopefully production timeline is moved up. This truck is raw, all business, all purpose, all electric, no glam, no gimmicks, and no BS, full stop.

Bond 007 | 2019年11月23日

Same twitter feed states (direct from Elon Musk) that the original inspiration for Cybertruck came from the James Bond movie 'The spy who loved me". Glad it was "Bond 007" after all. :D

Ross1 | 2019年11月24日

@TT OP: what do you think about monitoring the headline as figures come in? That would be nice. Dont want your thread to disappear.

rbrak29 | 2019年11月24日

How does this compare with the Model 3 launch preorders? 146K/<48 hours vs. ??? | 2019年11月24日

@Ross1 - I'll try and update the numbers if Tesla/Elon published them.

@rbrak29 - 115K orders for the Model 3 in 24 hours, so Cybertruck already broke those records.

Now I expect a 50% attrition rate, mainly due to people having to buy something else during the waiting time, change of plans, ability to pay, etc. Still what remains is a huge number and many more will wait until they can see/drive one. Now Tesla is in the enviable position of seeing how they can move up the production schedule. Nice problems to have! | 2019年11月24日

Also, I expect some will switch to a Model X or Model Y during the waiting time as customers perhaps can't wait - so Tesla still benefits from all the attention. And to think Tesla did it without any advertising is crazy!

IwantmyTeslaTruck | 2019年11月24日

To be fair $1000 for model 3 and $100 for CyberTruck is a huge difference. A $100 deposit is a no brainer but for a lot, $1000 would change the minds for the 146k people who put down their deposits.

Elon was a genius for lowering the deposit amount | 2019年11月24日

@IwantmyTeslaTruck - Excellent point.

Another data point - Ford Mach-e got 12,000 reservations in about a day, and required a $500 deposit.

klis06 | 2019年11月24日

I agree the $100 deposit was a no brainer. I’ve been waiting for a real vehicle but Tesla seems like the only one willing to bring the people what they want!

Tesla-David | 2019年11月24日

Wow, Tesla/EM have done it again, absolute home run. Very excited to be a long time Tesla owner/enthusiast and TSLA stock holder. Tesla rocks!

wil37057 | 2019年11月24日

Just what I’ve been waiting for Changing my order to black if and when it becomes available

RedShift | 2019年11月24日


Wrap it, brother!

BadgerErickson | 2019年11月24日

You build it, and they SHALL come. With $$$.

General Motors left USA for China and India production.

Darthamerica | 2019年11月24日

Accounting for attrition, about 1 to 3 billion in profit.

crt6598 | 2019年11月24日

200K as of 11/24/19 @ 6:18PST per Elon’s twitter post.

jordanrichard | 2019年11月24日

The Model 3 had 115K reservations BEFORE the car was actually revealed.

dbess340 | 2019年11月24日
BadgerErickson | 2019年11月24日

200K people cannot ALL be wrong with warthog GREEN!!!! GO MUSK GO!!!!

melburstein | 2019年11月25日

I am not fond of pickup trucks, nor have I ever been a fan. But I put my $100 reservation down as soon as I saw the Cybertruck specs, especially a 500-mile range in a vehicle that seats six and has all that cargo space, By the time it hits the streets, I may be ready to replace my beloved 2017 Model S 75 with this beast.

SO | 2019年11月25日

This video should have Ford and Chevy EXTREMELY concerned. Watch to the end.

sbeggs | 2019年11月25日

“Holy Shi.ft!” | 2019年11月25日

Update to 200K.

mbowden | 2019年11月25日

I am expecting it to take at least a year from the beginning of deliveries to get to my position in line and that's even if only half of the pre-orders pan out.

Ross1 | 2019年11月25日

Tesla is not beyond reallocating the MS?
/MX production line to the C. However it would still be too small.
I think they may have gotten a big surprise in the woods today. It will be no teddy bear's picnic ramping up for these monsters.
Even at Giga 1: how many employees are available in the desert?
A feasible solution is to build it in China, where it could be up and running in no time flat. And cheaper.

Ross1 | 2019年11月25日

Or when Ford goes down I guess there will be empty capacity in Mexico. Or they could buy the GM plant from Workhorse if the postal contract doesnt come through for them. (The Cruze plant in Ohio)

jordanrichard | 2019年11月25日

In that video I juts noticed that the guy plugged the ATV into a socket in the bed of the truck. I was at the unveiling and I couldn’t figure out what he was doing, but now I see.

Ross1 | 2019年11月25日

I wondered about that, I thought it might be an automatic process

Ross1 | 2019年11月25日

Tesla would do well to rinse and repeat as in Germany:
Build the plant where there will be plenty of labour as the competition sheds jobs (my take on it).
So put the factory next to F/GM/FC

jimglas | 2019年11月26日

why are the trolls avoiding this thread?
Must not have their talking points to address this reality yet

SamO | 2019年11月26日

They are rearranging the deck chairs of the Ford Titanic.

BadgerErickson | 2019年11月26日

Following Mr. Musk's Twitter there have been no updates as of late, so 200K must have been a magic number in the forecast, and they are off and into logistics meetings 24/7.

I don't see Ford going down as quickly, as GM. Tesla has their sourcing. GM has lost it's edge and it's funding, while flooding dealerships with vehicles NOT selling. Tesla timing is perfect and in balance with the socioeconomics of the entire planet, them all by the cajones.

andy.connor.e | 2019年11月26日

Agreed. GM will lose out first. Both GM and Ford have already committed to discontinuing their sedan lines. They are all in with trucks and SUVs, and here comes the competition!

BadgerErickson | 2019年11月26日

@andy.connor .......right!? They've left their own EV back in what, 1990? Committed to trucks only, and KERBLAMMOO!!

andy.connor.e | 2019年11月26日

Ya well GM crushed all the EV1's, and then immediately came out with the hummer. Hard to imagine that a deal was not made with someone.

SamO | 2019年11月26日
sbeggs | 2019年11月27日

Thanks, @SamO!

bp | 2019年11月27日

With the factory in China and the new factory in Europe, the Fremont factory will be able to focus on North America production. Plus, it's likely Tesla will make design changes to S/X to merge those production lines.

So Tesla should be able to produce the Cybertruck at Fremont, by the time it's ready for production.

Wish Tesla could get the 500+ into production faster... Though that likely will need battery pack improvements that might not be ready until 2022...

jimglas | 2019年11月27日

Now over 250k orders

andy.connor.e | 2019年11月27日

Thats crazy. I know they are only $100 reservation deposits, but over 250k is more than i thought. When i first saw the truck i thought maybe this would sell a "crowdfunding" quantity and thats it. But clearly this truck has grown on many people in the past week likewise for myself.

This is one thing i admire about Elon so much, is that he is willing to create something completely different from the mainstream, all while maximizing functionality to such a far superior degree than the competition. Yes the plastic and very thin steel exterior of vehicles might look stylish, but you have to baby your car. Literally cannot let anything touch the outside of it as if it was actually made of tissue paper. One scratch and you've opened up the door for rust if you dont get it fixed immediately.

The piece of mind for exterior damage is similar to the difference between a bare smartphone, and one wrapped in an Otterbox. | 2019年11月28日

Updated to 250K orders. Looks like Elon is taking a day off. Have a great Thanksgiving!

jordanrichard | 2019年11月28日

250,000 reservations IF turned into sales, that is about 12.5 Billion dollars. 12.5 billion dollars of last revenue for Ford, Chevy and Dodge.....

Ross1 | 2019年11月28日

Not necessarily as it appears many are from people not previously interested in a truck.

SamO | 2019年11月28日

Even the clowns admit this adds $3B in profits to Tesla's bottom line. At 20x earnings, that's a doubling of share price.


Ross1 | 2019年11月29日

The interesting thing is that the stock really hasnt changed due to the CT.
It has never been so steady. It so much looks like an opp to buy TSLA. Been long 4 or 5 years... this is an unusual situation.

BadgerErickson | 2019年11月29日

At the 250K orders level one YTer did the eval breakdown, per which units were on pre-order;

$14.1 Billion in gross revenue.

No wonder we have all these richard craniums trying to take a dump on tsla products!

SamO | 2019年11月29日

Wait. You mean the public market doesn’t quickly and efficiently value Tesla’s long term strategy?

No problem, just back up the truck and buy more shares.

*not advice