“Gearbox fluid service recommend”

“Gearbox fluid service recommend”

When taking my new model X on a road trip at around 7,000 miles the following warning indicator came on “Gearbox fluid service recommended”

Has anyone seen this message? I have looked and can’t find anyone talking about it.

We called the service center and they said we should not drive it. Then they never answered the phone again when trying to get more info.

Link below image of warning light.

jimglas | 2019年11月26日

what gearbox? | 2019年11月26日

That's a new one. I don't remember anyone reporting such a message before in the forums (over 7 years). It sounds like they have either pressure or level sensor in the gearbox. It may also indicate the sensor itself failed.

While the Tesla doesn't have a transmission, each motor does have a gearbox to reduce the ratio of the motor to the axel speed, at about 9.7 to1 ratio (it varies depending on the front vs back motor). It has oil lubrication, but it doesn't need to be replaced like a ICE engine. It is a sealed system.

Bighorn | 2019年11月26日

There was a time when they were changing out gear oil very early on, within year one as I recall.

castout23 | 2019年12月26日

Just had “Gearbox fluid service recommended - OK to drive” warning message come up on first road trip with less than 1,000 mi on our new Model 3. They scheduled us for service on January 15th, over two weeks from today, and don’t seem concerned about us driving on it.

270mag | 2019年12月27日

Got the same message indicator on my model x with around 3000 miles.

ionline | 2019年12月28日

Add me to the list. Brand new Dec 2019 build model X alert appeared on a road trip with 1500km on the clock. Sent a service request via app.

m.pratt | 2019年12月28日

Ditto, I received this gearbox fluid alert on my Model 3 during a 3-hour drive on the highway, with 700km on the car. The message disappeared after that trip and has not yet reappeared, but it has only been two days. Called Tesla in Toronto, and was told to bring the car in for service if the message reappears.

Tropopause | 2019年12月29日

I wonder if this is a PM motor issue only?

v.nair | 2019年12月29日

+1 to the list, 2019 Dec built Model 3, was on a road trip, warning appeared in less than 1000 miles, and persistent. Service scheduled for Jan 9th

Uncle Paul | 2019年12月30日

Could just be a bad sensor, or low fluid. Best to get it checked out.

floresg | 2020年1月1日

Same, showed up around 1040 miles, parked and exited, came back and hasn't shown up again with 1177 on the clock. Looking to schedule appt anyway

ionline | 2020年1月9日

Took my Dec 2019 build X in for service for this alert. They checked things over, no leaks noted, changed a pump, replaced gearbox oil, and unfortunately the alert came back after 250km of highway driving. Parked the car for 5 min, the alert went away but returned about 50km later. For me, the alert seems to only appear after highway driving.

m.pratt | 2020年1月9日

Thanks for that update, ionline. (I've seen similar accounts on other forums.) What is Tesla service telling you to do now?

270mag | 2020年1月12日

Same this happen on my MX 2020 w/4500miles. Happens on highway speeds only. Took it in for service. They said they changed the fluid and drove it around town with no warning. Should be be fix. When I drove it on the highway however warring can back again.Now I don't want to take it back to service...its a pain. Probably just a software glitch but somewhat worried.

Morbus | 2020年1月17日

Got this in November 2019 on my 5months old TM3LR, they replaced front DU oil pump and some O-rings.
The same message reoccured on the way home from the SC, scheduled a new appointment, and the same Oilpump was replaced again.

xueju1121 | 2020年1月18日

I had the same warning, twice, while driving on highway. Took the car to service, they found an internal failure in fuel pump. Now awaiting parts to arrive.

Loewenstein | 2020年1月27日

Based on this info and because at one time Tesla recommended a gear oil flush, front and rear at 12,500 miles after break-in period, I just had service center remove and replace gear oil. Don't know if this was a good idea or not.

ionline | 2020年1月28日

According to my local service center, engineering is looking into this and believe it’s a software issue that will be addressed in a future update.

270mag | 2020年1月30日

A follow up. Took my MX in for service for the second time. First time they just changed the gearbox oil. This time they changed the gearbox oil pump (2nd generation). So far no warning message even while driving on the hwy. I'm hopeful that fixed it.

douglas.mauro | 2020年1月31日

Count me in on this one. I have my service schedule for next week. The warning seems to come on about 10-25% of my drives and other times never shows up. I don't think it ever shows up starting a trip; just mid-trip.

916M3P | 2020年2月1日

Received this notification on my M3P. SC replaced front oil pump and o rigs like @Morbus stated. No issues since.

916M3P | 2020年2月1日

Received this notification on my M3P. SC replaced front oil pump and o rigs like @Morbus stated. No issues since.

m.pratt | 2020年2月3日

The warning appeared for me (M3LR) again on a highway drive a few degrees below zero (Celsius). I took it to Tesla service in Toronto. They told me the firmware was modified at some point recently to require that the volume of oil in the gearbox fall within a more constrained band of tolerance than before, and that some vehicles were leaving the factory filled to levels not falling within that tolerance. They emptied the oil, refilled it to the correct level, and sent me on my way. So far so good, but I am not counting my chickens...

igroza | 2020年4月20日

I have the same message. It displayed right after 7000 miles and the shop replaced the fluid once. The message appeared again a few days later and it has been popping up every day now. I am taking it in for service again, tomorrow.
Here's another interesting fact. Around 5000-7000 miles, the car developed a slight "kick" in one of the motors. My guess was that it's was the rear motor. It still has the kick and I think that the gear box needs to be replaced. The service say that the fluid replacement is not covered under warranty. It's a pain. I didn't pay for it the first time.
Has anyone had any better experience with this warning issue and how it was solved?

igroza | 2020年4月20日

Forgot to mention it. It's MX.

hilliard528 | 2020年4月24日

My new X has 1,500 miles and had a failed oil pump, SC didn’t want me driving it despite warning of power reduction ok to drive, make service appointment, they flatbed trucked it 200 miles each way. Was only without car for 2 1/2 days. They replaced oil pump, filter and oil in gearbox. SC in Raleigh NC was awesome. Hope this helps wrt oil system.

MrSandman | 2020年5月29日

OP, did you solve this problem somehow? I have the very same one right now and I don't know what to do. I tried to contact service center with the same result. I tried to go to the local non-Tesla service centers, but they told me that they don't work with Tesla cars. I think that the problem is transmission cooler. I asked my friends for advice, one of them sent me this review. TBH, I don't think that it would help, because Tesla is unique cars. Or maybe not? Will it be bad if I will try to install the new cooler instead of old one?