Wiper MX squeaky

Wiper MX squeaky

8 month old MX and my main wiper in front of the driver bounces and squeaks while cleaning, no matter if it’s heavy or light rain.

Anybody else seen this? Any suggestions on replacement blades?

rdmdrd | 2019年11月27日

Had the same issue. Within the first year Tesla replaced the blades at no charge. About a year later same issue. I had to buy the blades this time. BTW - you can only get the blades through Tesla. They are made by Bosch specifically for Tesla and can’t be purchased through an automotive store like Autozone.

ratchet | 2019年11月27日

I apply Rain-X to the exterior glass (two applications the first time then once every 4 months). I also clean the wipers with Armor All twice a year to keep them pliable. Seems to work well for me.

poloX | 2019年12月14日

I got squeaky noice on many areas, not just the wipers. The windows too but worst is now, the area under the car around the front passenger wheel. It makes scary squeaky sound as I drive and turn the steering wheel. Sounds like something loosen down there. Tesla charges $195/hr to inspect and search for what that is. I am not 100% sure if I wanted to bring it to Tesla just yet. Anyone has this issue before?

Koala | 2019年12月17日

have a car about a year, I got the same problem, turn on auto wiper, and experience a squeaky sound, very annoying especially in a long drive under the rain, bring the car to service center, Tesla replaced it without charge first time, but the issue is not going away....!!!, thinking to bring the car back, not sure what tesla will do anything about it now

ElectricSteve | 2020年2月9日

Greasy glass will cause streaking, squeaking and smearing. Degrease the glass regularly incl. the rubber of the wiper and the problem is under control.
Wipers, when old, will cause issues on ANY car, not only on Tesla‘s. I change them twice a year preventively. No problems ever.