For everyone that doesn't like the hubcaps of Cybertruck

For everyone that doesn't like the hubcaps of Cybertruck

For everyone who's been complaining about the look of the hubcaps. If you look at the video that Elon posted about the window tests before the event you will see the wheels with the hubcaps off. Looks like there are some pretty nice wheels under those hubcaps.

Ehninger1212 | 2019年11月27日

WOAH nice catch! those are pretty sweet!

TabascoGuy | 2019年11月27日

If the ultra hard stainless door can survive sledgehammer strikes...I wonder why they put the blanket over the door?

andy.connor.e | 2019年11月27日

The hubcaps on the Cybertruck are like the icing on the cake. It brings it together.

nukequazar | 2019年11月27日

There should never be hub caps. On any car. Ever. They’re for econoboxes to save cost by covering up cheap wheels with cheap plastic.

nukequazar | 2019年11月27日

And, ah, maybe there’s the answer to the whole puzzle. My immediate first thought when the window broke was that only one truck had the new glass on it and they rolled out the wrong truck. Maybe that was a different truck with different glass and different wheels.

NKYTA | 2019年11月27日

Missing the whole picture again @nuke.

nukequazar | 2019年11月27日

Missing the whole being a decent human again @NKYTA

jordanrichard | 2019年11月28日

Anyone notice the MS body hanging in the air, in the background. Odd that there is a MS body in white, in Hawthorne.

bilalsaleem096 | 2019年11月29日

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sbeggs | 2019年11月29日


prl99 | 2019年11月29日

I checked out Goodyear's website and the tread pattern on the Cybertruck matches the Wrangler MT/R® With Kevlar®. Until seeing the video, which doesn't show the tires very well, I wasn't sure if these are the actual tires and after seeing the video, I'm still not sure but I think they're close. Goodyear's website doesn't let me select a tire size but it appears these tires are under $300 each, not bad for this type of tire, especially with Kevlar. Can anyone determine if these are the tires being used?