Short coldish drive raw figures

Short coldish drive raw figures

Just some raw data here:

‘19 LR AWD on 2019.36.2.1.
OEM 18” Aeros on Hakka R3s at 41 psi (yeah, pumping those back to 45 shortly ;)
OEM cross bars with Yakima Highroad bike mount.

Air temps between -4° C and -6° C.
Dry roads, calm weather.
I’ll guess about 500’ elevation change twice in each direction.
Garage was 11° C when I departed, and I turned on the cabin heater remotely about 20 minutes before departing.

Cabin heater set for 20° C and on for 2/3 of the trip, off with heated seat use for other 1/3.
16.8 miles.
31 minutes drive time.
291 Wh/mi.
5 kWh.