No Cyber Monday Sale

No Cyber Monday Sale

Was hoping base AP or at least some accessories would go on sale.

Tesla must be on the right track financially?


rehutton777 | 2019年12月2日

AAAAAAAHH - - and here I was hoping for a fire sale on AP for $2000! ;-)

gballant4570 | 2019年12月2日

No Cybertruck Cyber Monday incentives? I'm still thinking ore-orders must have exceeded 300k today.....

I got the $2k fire sale FSD for my Model 3, so to make up for it I'm paying full FSD price on the Cybertruck....

nwfan | 2019年12月3日

Now gballant4570, we both payed $5k for EAP and $2k for FSD on our Model 3's. Comes to $7k.
On my CT it was $7k, sinceTesla no longer offers EAP just AP which is included.
I guess we broke even.

andy.connor.e | 2019年12月3日

This is a direct insult to not have Cyber discounts for Cybertruck.

Bighorn | 2019年12月3日

Looks like Tesla’s bold Cyber Monday move was rewarded with strong counter market action ever since.

kevin_rf | 2019年12月3日

They should have had the Cyber Truck reveal on Cyber Monday, just saying.

If you are sold out for 2019 and have nothing left on the shelf, do you still have a sale?