My m3 stealth 2020 is still on 2019.31.103.1
Is that normal?

stingray.don | 2019年12月4日

Are you connected to WiFi?

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月4日


archie2357 | 2019年12月4日


lbowroom | 2019年12月4日

There's a few other reporting the same thing the last few days. Updates don't follow a set regime that we know of.

EVRider | 2019年12月4日

If your car is really considered a 2020, when was it built? The build date is on a label in the driver’s door jamb.

To improve your chances for updates, make sure you set the software update setting on Controls > Software to Advanced, and make sure you have both LTE and WiFi where you park. Some people have had luck forcing updates by scheduling a service appointment using the mobile app and choosing the Software Update option; once the update gets pushed you can cancel the appointment.

archie2357 | 2019年12月4日

I had the awd model 3 and never had any problem with the updates

Devilstower | 2019年12月4日

When I picked up my Model 3 in mid-summer, it was many updates behind what was out. It was frustrating, but it took several weeks (and at least a couple of whiny posts on this board) before finally it jumped ahead to a new release. It really does seem to be random when you get an update, and it seems to be typical that the version burned in at the factory is several releases behind.

tanya™ | 2019年12月4日

Tesla's mobile tech downloaded the same 36.2.1 to my car while he was working on it today. Soon I got a notification about 36.2.4. Perhaps there was some glitch since he had to download the same version. Check with Tesla just in case.

MSUKent | 2019年12月5日

I have a 2020 Model 3 with v9. Do I need to connect to WiFi (not great reception where I park) or will it work through the built-in connection I get with my Telsa (got it for 1-year with my upgraded interior)?


stingray.don | 2019年12月5日

You need to be connected to a strong WiFi signal

MSUKent | 2019年12月5日

@stingray.don: Thanks!

Scrannel | 2019年12月5日

I setup a repeater just inside my breaker box (close to car). They're inexpensive and they work.