No warnings for dangerous lane changes since 2019.36.2.1

No warnings for dangerous lane changes since 2019.36.2.1

I haven't received a single warning since this update. There were actually 2 close encounters. One was on local road when I tried to change to left lane, there was a car very close behind. Luckily, I changed back to right lane. Another time, It was on highway(404). I just uploaded the right repeater camera video to YouTube:
SO the video speaks itself.
Another one:

jamilworm | 2019年12月7日

Maybe a stupid question, but did you check your settings to make sure all of the warnings are enabled still? Sometimes settings get changed during an update.

M3phan | 2019年12月7日

Were you in AP? If yes, did you check the repeater camera for dirt?

If you were not in AP, did you manually check your blind spot before initiating your lane change?

If you were not in AP and expecting the lane change warning to trigger, did you double check your menu settings after updating software? Sometimes updates cause our toggles to reset.

M3phan | 2019年12月7日, as jamil said....

edwpang | 2019年12月7日

jamilworm & M3phan, Yes, I checked many times, all related settings are correctly set. I checked all the TelsaCam videos, all surroundings are clearly visible . As you can see from the YouTube video too.

FISHEV | 2019年12月7日

Just put the Rydeen BSI system on for just that problem. Works great if you want reliable BSI.

These mirrors can also help.

M3phan | 2019年12月7日

My head turning and eyes using mirrors also works.

edwpang | 2019年12月7日

For sure, I'll be more careful in the future, but Tesla autopilot is so advanced, shouldn't it help us? Even my wife's older ice car gives warming reliably under similar conditions.

FISHEV | 2019年12月7日

"My head turning and eyes using mirrors also works."

Which is what saved the author from failure of Tesla safeties.

M3phan | 2019年12月7日

Which is exactly what a responsible driver in a Tesla should do.
@ edwpang, so you’re claiming the system never works for you?

M3phan | 2019年12月7日

By the way, I’d argue that this would’ve been far less likely in AP.

edwpang | 2019年12月7日

There was another instance which was clearly rearview camera missed 1 second of video when my model 3 was backing out from our drive way. There was another car backing out at the same time from opposite side of road. We almost bumped to each other, again no warning from the car. I checked my security camera above the garage door, it recorded the scene clearly.

M3phan | 2019年12月7日

I’m glad I’m not driving in your neighborhood then. You seem prone.

edwpang | 2019年12月7日

@M3phan How do you know? We may bump into each other some time in the future. Who knows? It's a small world.

M3phan | 2019年12月8日

I don’t, hence the word “seem”

82bert | 2019年12月8日

That would never happen on AP.

You still should always look before changing lanes. No matter what safety features are in place.

casun | 2019年12月8日

you said “I tried to change to left lane” and in a later post “but Tesla autopilot is so advanced, shouldn't it help us?“

i watched the videos. was the car in autopilot or not? it’s difficult for me to believe the car would change lanes like that in autopilot.

“I checked many times, all related settings are correctly set”

which settings?

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月8日

I think it may be a bug.

FISHEV | 2019年12月8日

"Blind Spot Collision Avoidance is offline" and "Lane Keeping Assit is offline" are messages that pop up frequently on my LR AWD. It will pop on for no apparent reason and then go off. I assume when it goes off the safeties are back on.

It may be they went off at the same time you were changing lanes.

The inconsistency of the AP functionality is a why I'm selling the car next year for Mach-E or other EV.

In this case, I guessing it was AP not FSD involved. People keep mixing AP and FSD functions.

casun | 2019年12月8日

“I'm selling the car next year“

wonderful news. good riddance.

vmulla | 2019年12月8日

Try this under controlled/safe circumstances and see what's happening on your screen as well. You should be seeing the car in the adjacent lane in red, and you should also see the proximity indicators as curves when the car is alongside. If either of those indications is not happening please see the service center.

This seems like a rare glitch - they do happen, and I've experienced something for front braking (not lane changes). As others have said this is a beta system, it is not 100% fail safe.

FISHEV | 2019年12月8日

"wonderful news."

Gotta warn you, the Rydeen BSI system works great on the Tesla giving me a true BSI that would have been flashing and beeping at @edwpang even if the Tesla BSI was not. I even got back Rear Cross Track Warning. I could see keeping the Model 3 depending on how bad the freeze out issues affect me, how the MCU/Flash drive issue works out, how the de-lamination and paint issues on the rocker cover requiring mud flaps by Tesla works out and how the battery holds up to all SC life.

With Tesla's safeties hit or miss, nice to have belt and suspenders of Rydeen system that, so far, works 100% of time, rain or shine.

Joshan | 2019年12月8日

So I guess Fish is that guy who changes lanes without ever doing a head check. He and his kind are likely the reason Subaru (his favorite car maker) leads the nation in at fault accidents.

On that note...

Public Service Announcement:

FISHEV is a known troll who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please take his opinions with a grain of salt, avoid any advice he may suggest.

M3phan | 2019年12月8日

@ casun, agree. The video can’t prove AP was on or off. I do know in my experience AP has never lane changed into a car. Never. It waits, the visualization shows the red “no go” line, with adjacent car in red.

edwpang | 2019年12月8日

So AP has to be ON to enable all these settings: like blind spot collision Warning or auto emergency braking?
Before it was not like this, once I was driving too fast compared to the car before me and it did warn like against this. Another time, I was warned about incorrect lane change.

edwpang | 2019年12月8日

Nowhere in owner's manual mention "the Blind Spot Collision Warning" has to be in AP mode to enable although it falls under autopilot category:
If you want a chime to sound when a vehicle is
in your blind spot and possible collision is
detected, touch Controls > Autopilot > Blind
Spot Collision Warning Chime.

edwpang | 2019年12月9日

I did my home work. The "the Blind Spot Collision Warning" is a safety feature which is NOT dependent on autopilot features like FACC or Autostear(beta). It's enabled separately like other safety features.
Please check the owner's manual P76 for details.

CST | 2019年12月10日

I had the same experience this last week or so. Twice I merged onto the freeway, and caught a car in my blind spot as I was attempting to enter the lane. I'm pretty sure that in both cases, the cars or also entering that lane from the lane to the right, and we're behind me, so they were very difficult to see and account for it. However, I was able to avoid them in both cases buy double / triple checking my mirrors as changed to the Lane. I would feel much better if the car could have set off an alarm or something, but it doesn't seem to be doing that in these cases.

CST | 2019年12月10日


bmwron | 2019年12月12日

Thanks for these comments. Are I correct to assume that there are no blind spot alerts whenever you just change lines without AP engaged? I find this so hard to believe whenever my Kia and Honda both played an alert whenever that turn signal came on and a car was in your blind spot and you tried to move that car into a lane... If this isn't a feature, it should be...

WW_spb | 2019年12月12日

Contradictory to FishEV claims Subaru and Tesla both rated the same high rating for Blind spot detection. Bam.

WW_spb | 2019年12月12日

Subaru Legacy and Tesla Model 3

M3phan | 2019年12月12日

When you signal, if blind spot is blocked, that lane marking is highlighted in red along with the car in that lane.

edwpang | 2019年12月14日

I was warned about blind spot when passing a parked truck when I tried to change lane to the right.