Hit curb with rear wheel

Hit curb with rear wheel

Let a buddy drive my SR+ today, and of course he cut the corner too sharp and hit it with the right rear wheel. Was from a dead stop so not going too fast, didn't sound particularly alarming, but quite annoying in a one-week-old car. I did not notice anything amiss on remainder of drive, and there was no visible damage to the rim or aero cover. Will listen closely for vibration when I drive home in a few minutes.

So how robust is the rear axle? Are there any adjustable hub components to knock out of alignment? What else could happen ... bent or cracked rim?

Big_Ed | 2019年12月17日

After further inspection, looks like we caught the curb with the sidewall, not the tread. Got a small gouge in the edge of the rim and aero cover. I assume this is solely a cosmetic issue?

wayne | 2019年12月17日

I’ve done this. The question is how big a bite you can take out of the sidewalk without structural damage. I had my tire guy look at it and he said it was fine.

lbowroom | 2019年12月17日

If it doesn’t bubble or bulge, I’d say it’s fine

WW_spb | 2019年12月17日

And that's why Ladies and Gentlemen I don't let anyone drive our baby.

Resist | 2019年12月17日

Doesn't take much to mess up the wheel alignment.

Joe M | 2019年12月17日

Silver lining here is the rims are short money. $225.

M3phan | 2019年12月17日

@ WW_spb, amen