Thoughts of the new Deep Rain Auto Wipers in lower temps?

Thoughts of the new Deep Rain Auto Wipers in lower temps?

With the latest 2019.40.2.x update what is your thoughts on the improvements of the auto wipers?
My thoughts is I have had to switch to manual wipers, especially on days where the temperature is below 40F. What happens is the first wipe causes a small fog like layer on outside this causes the Auto Wiper to reactivate to point it's at full speed trying to clear the momentary fog layer it's creating by wiping. This didn't happen before the update. Previously this wasn't a problem so I think Tesla should train the deep rain to handle this momentary fog that would clear it's self after second if it wasn't for the wiper re-engaging to clear the fog layer it created.

bp | 2019年12月19日

Put about 150 miles on the car today in varying (light) rain between 0C and 7C. They worked great for me. 2019.40.2.1.

birchofengland | 2019年12月19日

Strangely, for me they worked great during the day under a variety of conditions, but later, at night, they became erratic. If a vehicle is coming in the opposite direction, it's good (perhaps because the cameras/sensors are illuminated?). If there are no vehicles, it becomes erratic again. Small sample size of data points admittedly, but so far, that's what I see.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2019年12月19日

@birch- I couldn’t agree more. The daytime performance is good. The nighttime performance needs tweaking.