TSLA 470 and rising.

TSLA 470 and rising.

An amazing run going on.

Elon happy dancing again.

rob | 2020年1月7日

I bought 1 share for each of my 3 kids on Xmas eve at $415. Now I don't want to give it to them.

bradbomb | 2020年1月7日

I wish I had more liquid assets in my IRA back at the end of May when I bought 2 shares at $191. Oh well, better than having zero shares at $191

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年1月7日

C'mon Elon, give us another buying opportunity.
Say something stupid, please!

hokiegir1 | 2020年1月7日

I really need to set some stop-loss sell orders to protect my current gains -- and then some buy orders on the lower side. I have one in, but it'll take a really baffling move to hit that one.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 2020年1月7日

Drop it like it's hot and I am buying shit load

coselectric | 2020年1月7日

On Nov. 21, TSLA closed at $354, and Jim Chanos dispelled the rumor that he had covered his TSLA short position. "Tesla is and remains one of our biggest and our best short positions."


Scrannel | 2020年1月7日

Takes me back... when I was a little kid my dad was trying to instill "good investing practices" in his sons, so he offered to buy me and my brother, ten shares of whatever company our research deemed cool. My brother bought ten shares of Brunswick, after researching their "portfolio". I bought ten shares of Grumman Aircraft because... I thought airplanes were too cool! After having older brother laugh at me, dad bought the stock. Two weeks later, Cuban Missile Crisis... my Grumman stock doubled in value in one day, then split. Baby!

rdavis | 2020年1月7日

Love it....

Interesting that back just before the 3rd quarter results I did a quote on TSLA stock and it noted about 20-21% shorted. I just did another quote today and it noted "Short Interest (as of 12/15/2019) 15.3%". That's a 5% drop in a few months and I bet it's even lower come the end of January numbers.

derotam | 2020年1月7日

Still have 5 shares at $93! Just sold 5 at $448. The other 10 I think I sold at $190ish years ago.

jimglas | 2020年1月7日

prepare for the FUD
shorts must be filling their shorts

yudansha™ | 2020年1月7日

Knock, knock. May I come in?

gballant4570 | 2020年1月7日

I bought more TSLA this morning. Up another 3.4% today. I should have bought twice as much.....

Shesmyne2 | 2020年1月7日

Enjoy the ride.

Still Grinning ;-)

yudansha™ | 2020年1月7日

@gballant4570 Go buy more asap.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 2020年1月7日

Tanya, that's all u got to say?

Zeus140 | 2020年1月7日

Tee Hee!

Tesla2018 | 2020年1月7日

I have a Fidelity account and on their website it shows the stocks that are bought and sold most by their customers each day. The last few days Tesla has been on there and it shows that more people are buying than selling.

ALDONY | 2020年1月8日

I kept buying since I bought my car, 2 shares here, 5 there, etc throughout the year. And being ridiculed by friends who quoted the stock going below $100

I now have 200 with average around 295. Planning to buy more, and hoped for a sudden drop, but I guess is not happening. I see too many positive factors ahead..

andy.connor.e | 2020年1月8日

Stock is going to be $800. There is so much of their business that has not even started yet

billtphotoman | 2020年1月8日

I don't own the stock outside of my Index funds (Still stinging from my experiences with single stocks in the Tech Bubble) but as a Tesla fan, Tesla owner and an American this makes be very happy. I hope the shorts continue to take it in the shorts.

George with SacEV | 2020年1月8日

Been watching TSLA since I stupidly missed getting in back in 2013 when I paid cash ($100,000) for my first Model S rather than buy any stock (then $33/share). Still kicking myself on that little mistake.

In late May jumped in with 319 share buy at $187.70 and feeling pretty good right now. I fully expect the share price to go well over $600 by June and potentially hit $800 maybe even THIS YEAR. But what do I know? I am the guy who didn't buy in at $33/share.

My current "position" in TSLA is just motivated by a desire to be able to realistically consider the new Roadster in late 2021, if Tesla doesn't come out with a TRUE LUDICROUS version of the Model 3. I currently own a 2018 Performance Model 3, but I REALLY REALLY want more quickness in a nimble car and lighter car than the incoming PLAID Model S. I really don't want, living in California, the annual registration expense of the Roadster, so a LUDICROUS Model 3 is more to my actual taste, but....if the stock soars high enough (and a LUDICROUS Model 3 doesn't appear on the order forms), then my 2021 car could well be a paid off Roadster????

George with SacEV | 2020年1月8日

Heck, I already have 5 referrals, I might even win the Roadster! Delusions drive many of our dreams and hopes.

gballant4570 | 2020年1月8日

George with SacEV, I am very late to the party in comparison. I did not buy TSLA until November of last year. If I had positioned myself just 4 months earlier I would have owned at least twice as many shares.

Considering the roller coaster ride to that point it was a heart buy rather than a head buy, and I'll have to say the same for yesterday's buy, but its lookin' pretty good none the less....with the potential "strategy" of using earnings to help fund the Cybertruck I reserved.

But at this point my heart is rebelling. I won't sell a share to get the Cybertruck, Or maybe it's my head that is rebelling. In any case, I'll use other money.

George with SacEV | 2020年1月8日

My sell plan is to divest when/IF the stock hits $830/share (fantasy goal) or around the end of this calendar year, though if the stock is still even moving up, I might hold to after the debut of the Roadster . Any big "negative news" which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY and I will also abandon ship and take my gains whatever they are. IF Tesla offers a true LUDICROUS version Model 3 with air suspension, then I would cash out just enough to fully cover that purchase and leave the remaining to further appreciate. Selling my current 2018 Performance Model 3 plus "cash out" would mean that I would only need about $60k from whatever the current value of the 319 shares would be at that moment.

gballant4570 | 2020年1月8日

George with SacEV, you got some shares..... I don't have anywhere near that many. If only I had bought at $33....

But the $830 may not be fantasy. Right now the shorts have puked so much blood they are part of the upward price pressure trying to cut losses. I will admit to being an optimist, but I do not think we will see obvious buying opportunities as good as we have already seen.

jimglas | 2020年1月8日

shorts are getting filled

calvin940 | 2020年1月8日

Tesla is now the most valuable US automaker in history

ALDONY | 2020年1月8日


I think the roadster from referral is gone already. I also qualified and had 6 referral,

On top i have 32 from the program after that..

bryan.whitton | 2020年1月8日

I purchased about 35 shares at $34 several years ago. I then sold it at about $90 and then purchased again at $55 I think it was. The rode it to $190 and sold it again. Repurchased at $120 minus the initial $1000 purchase price. I purchased some more at $196 I think it was. I am really happy with the current trajectory.

What I am curious to see is StarLink coming up. Do the cars have the ability to link into it directly? That would be so cool. No more dead zones. Faster response hopefully. Not that I am complaining now but voice commands could be better. All in all a good ride.
Now my wife, she says I am gambling not investing. I am sure she will not want to benefit in any way from the returns./S

jimglas | 2020年1月8日

I will sell at $4,000

andy.connor.e | 2020年1月8日

Half the problem i see with the stock market. People keep their money in forever because it will grow over time. They never take it out because "it will grow". So they never do anything with the money. The time people take it out is when it starts to lose value.

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年1月8日

Broke through 490 earlier today, 500 is right around the corner, holy moly.

gballant4570 | 2020年1月8日

andy.connor.e, why would you call that a problem?

andy.connor.e | 2020年1月8日

artificial inflation of money valuation instead of adding economic value, like an asset or business.

jimglas | 2020年1月8日

It’s like a savings account
I don’t see the problem

wiscy67 | 2020年1月8日

not selling also helps increase its value by limiting selling pressure. perhaps TSLA one day will pay a dividend?

Wilber | 2020年1月8日

Hi folks:
I follow the (only) two analysts who really understand Tesla. Ron Baron and Cathie Woods. Essentially they have a target price of $4000 for the year 2030. But the info i have is several months old. They might be even more bullish these days. Here are two links to give you a flavor of how they were thinking way back in 2019:


gballant4570 | 2020年1月8日

andy.connor.e | January 8, 2020
artificial inflation of money valuation instead of adding economic value, like an asset or business.

The subject of the accuracy of market value compared to reality is an entirely different subject than the value or wisdom in saving money.

andy.connor.e | 2020年1月8日

If it paid a dividend that would be pretty sweet.

yudansha™ | 2020年1月8日

Can somebody provide general analysis to justify the price?

TexasBob | 2020年1月8日

$497 at the moment. Really starting to look like a short squeeze. Wow!

jimglas | 2020年1月8日

if it is short dumping their stock
could it drop just as fast when they are done dumping stock?

Bighorn | 2020年1月8日

Just crashed to 490.

Does anyone know what was up in last night's AH's slide? It was down 16, but no sign of it in the premarket. Market manipulation or some news?

jimglas | 2020年1月8日


OCModel3 | 2020年1月8日

I believe it was the middle of last year when one of the business sites noted that the percentage of shares shorted in Tesla was the highest ever recorded for one stock. It was no wonder why there was such a concerted effort to publish FUD and drop price targets to spin it further lower. It was complete market manipulation and the SEC did nothing and left it alone so more and more shorts poured in to open short positions even below $200.

It should be no surprise then to see what has happened. I hope somebody makes a documentary on what should be titled "The Mother of all Short Squeezes". Some of the "smarter" shorts finally faced reality after the Q3 report and lessened their positions or may have closed them out all together. But the stubborn ones held out, some even through the end of 12/31 to avoid realizing an actual loss on their positions. Now they are covering into early 2020.

Now I can't wait to see how some of these hedge funds report their losses on their huge bets against Tesla. I sincerely hope a couple of them actually go belly-up for putting all of their eggs in the Tesla short basket. Some may still be holding out even longer--as RDavis noted it was still over 15% just 3 weeks ago.

But the wonderful thing about being long when there are so many shorts is that their loss exposure is truly unlimited. That can lead to the crazy gains we've seen lately/ Yudansha asks a fair question about valuation, but the shorts depressed the price below what it should have been and now are paying a huge price to cut their losses.

The smell of fried shorts is ever so wonderful!

andy.connor.e | 2020年1月8日

Its crashing probably because people are selling at a high point, and shorts are probably getting the f@#$ out before they lose everything.

R1Fast | 2020年1月8日

I'm probably a fawn in a den of lions (very little investing experience) but I've saved up about $10g with the intent to invest in TSLA and a few other stocks (based on technology I believe to be the future in more than anything).

May be opening a can of worms w/this question, but in general would you guys recommend buying TSLA now at nearly $500 (yep, banging my head for not buying a couple of weeks ago), or do you foresee the price receding significantly (350-450 range) in the next few weeks/months? Or are you of the opinion the train isn't going to slow much, if at all (at least for a while) due to all of the momentum at Tesla... and the longer I wait the less I'll benefit?

Just curious - again... I'm a newbie so be gentle!

hokiegir1 | 2020年1月8日

@R1Fast - I'm possibly in the minority, but I do expect a drop again at some point. I''m not sure when or how significant, but I do think it will continue it's prior ups and downs, so I don't think buying now is the best option.

That said, I have no actual financial experience other than "play" money -- or as someone else called it earlier in the thread, gambling. I have about $2000 that I play with various stocks, including TSLA.

jimglas | 2020年1月8日

i wouldn't get advice from the inter webs
But I wouldn't buy now
I suspect the price will drop when the shorts are finished duping their shares

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年1月8日

I can't decide if I can afford to buy more or if I can't afford to not buy more.