Scheduled Charging Model 3 Questions

Scheduled Charging Model 3 Questions

So I set the leave time to 7:15. It said my car was done charging this morning at about 5:15 am. When I set the schedule, am i supposed to set the start time AND the leave time or just one or the other? And, not sure what it's doing but when I get into the garage the car sounds like it is on (pre-conditioning something maybe)? Just wondering which is the correct way to do this. Thanks.

Chlo-Cal-Lil | 2020年1月8日

I believe the charging is started and completed well before your scheduled depature time as the car would not be able to accuratly time it to be finished right at the set time due to temperature, voltage etc. What you are hearing is the HVAC conditioning the cabin and I suspect conditioning the battery as well.

stingray.don | 2020年1月8日

Just check the release notes. Charging will be completed by 6 AM to take advantage of lower rates in some areas.