Why is there no speed limiter available

Why is there no speed limiter available

I like to use cruise control and I do play a bit with the auto pilot, but that's not usable in the city. We have a lot of speed cams in the city that will tell you for 30-60 euros that you were just a bit too fast. Waste of money and easy to prevent.
Every old car I had in the past 20 years had a speed limiter as part of the cruise control.
Why does my 2020 M3 not have that simple feature?
I can limit the speed via the app, but that's way to complex.
It should be just on the main screen, just below the speed sign. Tap the icon and set a max speed (tune it with the dials)... unless you step on it to overrule it. Just like all cars have it here in Europe.

It could even be an automatic feature based on GPS location if I would like to auto enable it.

Lorenzryanc | 2020年1月17日

You're speed limiter is located on the floor right under your right foot. ;) You can still go through the app and limit yourself. And past 20 years and "all cars in Europe" sound hyperbolic.

Lorenzryanc | 2020年1月17日

Doh… *your

neylus | 2020年1月17日

I thought you could set the speed to whatever margin above the "posted" limit is? For example, mine is set to 7mph over so in a 45mph zone it will max at 52mph.

derotam | 2020年1月17日

There was discussion about this on here last week.

vmulla | 2020年1月17日

Beat me to it derotam :)

hokiegir1 | 2020年1月17日

Just tap the speed limit icon and it will adjust your speed to that +/- any preset offsets.

apodbdrs | 2020年1月17日

Yes there, it can be found under Autopilot!

apodbdrs | 2020年1月17日

Yes there is, it can be found under Autopilot!

JamPie70 | 2020年1月17日

Lorenzryanc, I've tried to put some wood under that it pedal, but was not accurate enough :-)
and yes, even the cheap Dacia Sandero has it for 14k euros(whole car... not the feature!).

derotam ... I did not see that topic. Just reading that, I guess Jasper also lives here in The Netherlands.

apodbdrs ; Speed limit mode does not go below 80kmh ... still 30 to fast in our cites!

apodbdrs | 2020年1月17日


Have you tried using the right scroll wheel to lower (limit) the speed to your desired value. I believe it can be lowered to 18 km/hr, maybe slower.

M3phan | 2020年1月17日


hokiegir1 | 2020年1月17日

@apodbdrs - you can now set the speed all the way down to 0. We used it at 5mph to do a Christmas light show.