Any way for smooth driving?

Any way for smooth driving?

Is there anyway to make Tesla Model X to drive smoothly instead of sudden increase in speed. When I put it in Auto-Steer or Auto-pilot mode, it just tries to aggressively increase the speed. I'm not a road racer, I would like a smooth and gentle increase in speed. Is there any setting I need to enable for that feature?

lilbean | 2020年1月19日


jimglas | 2020年1月19日

use your right foot to get to speed, then engage whatever mode you want. Like any other car.

Enzodriver | 2020年1月19日

The recent update addresses this problem and also lane changing smoothness.

inconel | 2020年1月19日

Is Autopilot smoother with Chill mode?

gbpnkans | 2020年2月4日

Chill mode does works with the upgrade. Better than standard mode. Still it is running bit fast. May be it needs a progress bar, how much chill you need? (Chill, Chiller, Chillest).