Auto pilot on tight turns

Auto pilot on tight turns

I have a road I drive regularly where the speed drops by 10mph to prepare for a tight turn. On autopilot, I have noticed that slowing does not occur and on many occasions I have had to take over to prevent potential loss of control. This becomes even more dangerous when the road conditions change as it is now winter. I would think the AI would learn and improve. Anyone else notice this area lacking in autopilot?

vmulla | 2020年1月24日

Take over and report a bug. I say something like 'wrong speed' - do it consistently, hope others join you and eventually the speed will be corrected.

I used to encounter a case that you described on my commute. The speed limit board is not immediately alongside the road because of the tight turn, it is placed in an odd position - it's still visible and makes sense to a human. Such oddly placed signs might affect the car's perception of the world. | 2020年1月24日

@MichMan - Actually, I've noticed it slows a bit too much going between 85 and 101 freeways - about 10 mph slower, where 5 mph would be fine. Are you driving on the freeway or another road? The current AP is really only intended for limited-access roads (i.e. freeway). You can use it on other roads, but you need to be far more careful. AP does not learn or change while driving. I'm not aware of any part of AP having AI.

SpeedyEV | 2020年1月24日

My experience is the opposite. It slows down too much and prematurely on such tight curves, annoying the traffic behind. I can drive safely on these curves at a higher speed.

BTW, Autopilot is meant to be used only on freeways and divided highways. If you insist on using it on a local road (like many people do :-)) be more prepared to take control.

shs | 2020年1月24日

My recent experience is that on a road with curves, the more recent software versions are much more cautious and slow for the curves more than it used to do, and drive more like a "little old lady".

shs | 2020年1月24日

I live in the mountains/foothills near Yosemite National Park and therefore do much driving on roads with lots of curves. While the vast majority of my driving is with me in control – it is a fun car to drive on these roads – I have tested the various version of AP since I first got my Model 3 in January 2018. At first the car seemed determined to stay centered in the lane through the curves with the initial turn in later that what a human would do, which was a bit disconcerting. Then with the various software releases, it gradually it seemed to take smoother, more natural line through the curves. More recently however, the line seems jerkier slower and not as confident feeling. YMMV.

MichMan | 2020年1月24日

I actually have little experience driving on the highway since I took possession 12/28/19. I did not think about the issue of AP on side roads. So, that may be the problem. BTW, I am extremely vigilant when AP is engaged as I have not grown to trust it yet. It does do a pretty good job of holding the road with the exception as I explained in the opening question. I had read that the car does have AI which made me wonder why it does not recognize this turn that I drive frequently. Some other areas it does.

EVRider | 2020年1月24日

When I tested Autosteer in my Model S on Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway, I found that it slowed down too much for curves.

Joshan | 2020年1月24日

auto pilot is an assist not a sleep in the backseat, you have to do your part also. If you know a tight turn is coming up, roll the scroll wheel down a bit.

The car was slowing down on turns a few updates back, but they seem to have backed that change out for some reason. I am sure it will be back soon, but you need to do your part also in the meantime :)

MichMan | 2020年1月24日

Thanks Joshan. I have been rolling scroll wheel for this and other situations. I also use the foot accelerator to go faster when the speed is limited. In some areas the posted speed is 55, but the car has it limited to 40-45. That is my work around.

FISHEV | 2020年1月24日

I get the opposite where Adaptive Cruise slows on curves on the interstate. Basic adaptive cruise should never slow for curves. On FSD it might make sense. Assuming it is not using map or speed limit but sensor measuring lateral force.

TabascoGuy | 2020年1月24日

Which lateral force sensor would that be FishEV?

clive | 2020年1月24日

@michman I don't believe that the AI implemented in the car will retrain itself based on individual driving habits. Tesla will use some of the feedback they receive when you take control to retrain and update the AI engine on a future release. The exception I have seen noted is the windscreen wipers - but I cannot now verify that exception.

Retraining a complex neural net is a mix of science, experience, and art. I don't believe that automatic retraining except in trivial cases is within the current state of the art.

lbowroom | 2020年1月24日

Easy to calculate g load from steering angle and speed, no lateral sensors needed

vmulla | 2020年1月24日

About autopilot on steep curves (not exactly what OP was talking about)

MichMan | 2020年1月25日

I should do the bug report too when things as I describe happen. I am a nubie at this, so learning curve is steep. I am feeling comfortable using the AP on local roads (since that is 95%of the time). I do have the FSD upgrade, but don't know if that is much different as I have no comparison. Hopefully, as time goes on, updates will include more local driving support. Most specifically recognizing stop signs and lights. That will be a huge change. Then I can really get comfortable with my coffee in the am commute;)

FISHEV | 2020年1月25日

“Which lateral force sensor would that be?”

The one that tells the car it is on a curve and to slow down.

jallred | 2020年1月25日

LOL. Force, acceleration. Power, energy. The details matter little to this guy.