2020.4.1 is here

2020.4.1 is here

I've installed it but I haven't been out to the car to look at the release notes. Has anyone read them, is there something interesting in this release?

vmulla | 2020年1月27日

What!!?? Do you know how many of us are eagerly waiting for you (and others) to share? Please be kind ;)

Joseb | 2020年1月27日

OMG go out to the car and tell us the release notes!! :-)

bjrosen | 2020年1月27日

Nothing new, just bug fixes. The release notes are the same as for the last release.

vmulla | 2020年1月27日

bjrosen | January 27, 2020
Nothing new, just bug fixes. The release notes are the same as for the last release.
Nice, these 'nothing to see here' releases have the best improvements in Autopilot from my experience. Only road time will show what's what - I'm looking forward for this update even more now. I prefer AP sophistication over games and Easter eggs.

EVRider | 2020年1月27日

Unless your previous version was 2020.4, there’s at least one new feature (at least there was in my Model S): the Controls > Software screen now has an Additional Vehicle Details link. It shows, among other things, which AP computer you have.

I haven’t received 2020.4 in our Model 3 yet, so it’s possible that feature is only available on the S and X.

petelipovsek | 2020年1月28日

Model S owner here. Literally just got the notice of the update and I’m downloading it now.

Scrannel | 2020年1月28日

M3P, Malibu, couple hours ago.

jnordland | 2020年1月28日

Installed last night. Only noticeable addition is the additional vehicle details tab. I think everything else is bug fixes and improvements. Haven't noticed any improvements to the drive characteristics yet.

EVRider | 2020年1月28日

Got 2020.4.1 in the Model 3 this evening. As the previous reply indicates, it does include the Additional Vehicle Information feature.

-TheJohn- | 2020年1月28日

Yeah I got that a couple of days ago. I also noticed the new layout for the under the T info with it's Vehicle details bit. Woulda been useful to that fellow in the Netherlands the other day who was flailing about trying to nail down HW 2.5 or 3 for their comp.

Scrannel | 2020年1月28日

The new software folded my mirrors.

Just_Ted | 2020年1月29日

Installing prior to AM commute. RWD, LR, EAP/FSD in the mid-Atlantic region. Will report back on NOAP.

aslammazad | 2020年1月29日

@Just_Ted, please do!

SilverTrifecta | 2020年1月29日

Whatever it is... I am up to 4.8GB of data passed through my wifi router for it and still not ready for install yet

petelipovsek | 2020年1月29日

Seems that most of the teachers are working properly. However the text messaging does not work.

petelipovsek | 2020年1月29日

Correction. Texting working great now. Need to press Bluetooth icon top right of screen, and enable “sync messages”. Thanks Tesla!

Just_Ted | 2020年1月29日

Forgot to mention: HW 2.5
Compared to prior release:
1. Long installation (like the full 25 minutes when it doesn't always seem to take that long), so a BIG file?
2. Acceleration/Braking in NOAP seems marginally smoother (but that may be up to #3)
3. Follow distance on minimum during NOAP seemed longer (almost, but not quite a 2 second follow)
4. Did not seem to try and center as much when an on-ramp joined the lane (i.e. less diving for the merge)
5. Transfer from 695 S to 70 W and 70 W to MD 29 S handled flawlessly (both are 2 lane ramps that decrease to 1 lane then merge into traffic)

Not Seen/Not evaluated on this commute:
a. Panic braking situations in stop and go (where someone in front of you jams the brakes)
b. Reaction to some dummy weaving in and out cut/off/brake check situations (but see number 3 above, follow was longer)

All in all, NOAP just seemed a little smoother, FWIW.

Sspector | 2020年1月29日

Downloaded this today and now voice navigation not working. Not even navigate home. Tried to go to phone book , select name and hit the address field and that would start navigation. Now I do not see address field to navigate that way. So far this upgrade is a big disappointment

hokiegir1 | 2020年1月29日

@sspector - Did you reboot the car?

leo33 | 2020年1月29日

+1 hokiegir1. I've made the two-thumb+brake reboot part of my firmware update routine. It seems to help reduce network related post update glitches.

hokiegir1 | 2020年1月29日

@leo - I try to do the 2 minute "power off" from the screen, but I don't always have that kind of time. At a minimum, I do the same as you before I ever put the car in drive.

Jones | 2020年1月29日

Installed on dual motor with HW2.5. Confirm the additional info screen (handy). AP has better (smoother) lane keeping with this release. Huge increase in the number of "camera blinded or obstructed..." messages - mostly with sun at low angles on sides. No problems with navigation and (obviously) no additional objects on screen due to the HW2.5. No there observed issues or useful additions.

Rippin1Gear | 2020年1月29日

I’m curious... is anyone else’s premium connectivity on the info page now say “included package” ?

kevin_rf | 2020年1月29日

Why do these updates always come out when I'm sitting on the opposite side of the country? Tonight I'm updating from the app while sitting in Del Mar CA while the car is sitting in central MA.

Amazing being in opposite corners of the country and doing this. The last update I was done remotely from Southern FL.

EVRider | 2020年1月30日

@Rippin1Gear: Do you mean on the touchscreen or on the web? When did you order your car?

NCMATTHEWS | 2020年1月30日

For the love of everything holy I'm tired of opening up the release notes and seeing a completely blank screen.

Am the only one who has this problem?
(Fall 2015 Model S 85D)

ringemup | 2020年1月30日

I would love for this update to fix "Drunken Sailor Mode," because I can't find a setting to disable it. This is the current behavior where a lane jogs a couple feet to the right or left, and the car drives like it's careening off each wall as it makes its way down the hallway until it finally mellows out and finds the center again.
101 up the peninsula has several of these due to some divider work, and there are a couple spots where it jogs to the right two feet, rolls for a somewhat short distance, and then jogs back. It looks like the car is playing a game with the driver behind it.

yonsantos_otrp | 2020年1月30日

Model 3 AWD LR Fresno...Just updated to 2020.4.1, One thing I noticed was when I started the update, the range left on the vehicle was 197 mi. It was plugged in at all but after the update the range showed 202 miles. But when I tried to move the slider of the batter to full to see if the range got any better...surprisingly, now its showing my 100% charge will only give me 311 miles. Before it would give me 320 miles. So not sure what happened but now it seems like I’m losing range.

yonsantos_otrp | 2020年1月30日

Quick question thought, to those who are Model 3 owners here...have you guys been able to do the “Double Tap Park to Summon” from inside the car when backing in to your garage? Just curious as I’m able to do this with the Model X but not on the Model 3.

spaceboyusa | 2020年1月30日

@ncmatthews: I usually have the same issue but went from 2019.40.x to this build and the Release Notes appear, and re-appear. I don't want to jinx myself as I had the same issue as you in my 2015 MS 90D (Dec 2015)...but so far so good! Loving this release; tested messaging support on my OnePlus 7T Pro 5G and so refreshing to see text messages come through. #itsthelittlethings

stingray.don | 2020年1月30日


You can’t expect anymore than 310 miles on the battery meter range estimate. Your 320 mile estimate had to have been done at a low SOC. At a lower SOC, any errors will be exaggerated by extrapolating.

yonsantos_otrp | 2020年1月30日

@stingray.don Thank you for replying. I’m sorry for asking but this is all new to me. What does low SOC mean? Also, the only reason I say that it was 320 is because when I would move the slider before, it would show 320 and now its only showing me 311. Being able to understand this would be helpful. Thank you again.

Sarah R | 2020年1月30日

My experience with 2020.4.1 is an improvement to lane changes on Autopilot. Much smoother. Still an authoritative move, but not so as to surprise my passengers. I like it.

stingray.don | 2020年1月30日


SOC is state of charge. The slider is extrapolating an estimate, which already lacks precision.

yonsantos_otrp | 2020年1月30日

Got it stingray.don. Now it makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

yonsantos_otrp | 2020年1月30日

Got it stingray.don. Now it makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

Jgrivoi1 | 2020年1月30日

Just finished upgrade - looks like I went from 310 to 322!

stingray.don | 2020年1月30日


Charged to 100% or based on extrapolation with the slider? Dual motor?

Jgrivoi1 | 2020年1月30日

Almost fully charged to 100% - in progress for long start of weekly trip. Typically got 312

Jgrivoi1 | 2020年1月30日

Sorry. Yes dual motor

suwonkil | 2020年1月30日

Just updated to 2020.4.1 and ran a few miles on city roads with Autopilot on. It seems that my Model 3 starts braking earlier when approaching stopped traffic. My wife will be able to tell better if AP can now brake and stop gently. She does not like the last moment deceleration and would ask me to get off the AP. I hope she feels comfy with this improvement.

wayne | 2020年1月31日

It seems like regenerative breaking on a cold battery is stronger. Shorter dotted line. Could be my imagination.

jjgunn | 2020年1月31日

Just installed.

Driving from Bay Area to Vegas today to test it out.

So far no problem down into Bakersfield.

WW_spb | 2020年1月31日

Updated range on my 2020 model to advertised number.

notify_craig | 2020年1月31日

@suwonkil, I also hope that traffic-aware cruise control (AP in your case) gets smoother overall with more updates, not just final deceleration. (Yes, I understand that it used to be too slow but now it's too anxious, IMO.) There's another thread here:

where some of us discussed it, including a great comment by someone who know mentioned that, mathematically, there is a difference between acceleration/deceleration and snap, and humans' bodies prefer the former. This is something that can be programmed, I'm sure.

So far, even after that update, I still wish the car would begin to decelerate sooner when traffic ahead is coming to, or has come to, a stop. Even I as the driver find it unnerving now.

stingray.don | 2020年1月31日

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | January 31, 2020
Updated range on my 2020 model to advertised number.

Dual motor and 322 miles on the battery meter range estimate? If so, I would be very interested in seeing what wh/mi is represented by the constant on the energy graph. Be interesting to see if the constant change.

nunyabiz | 2020年1月31日

The constant did change on mine...
[URL=""]Anyone LR AWDs Showing 322 Miles Fully Charged?[/URL] | 2020年1月31日

I found that Summon seemed to work better after this update, I tried it in an empty grocery store parking lot very early in the morning on a previous update and it did not work at all. I applied this update the night before going into my office at a different location and someone asked me about it., so we gave it a try fully expecting it fail, it worked pretty well

KLemMer | 2020年1月31日 : That grocery store parking lot must have been designated as a “private” (as in “not public”) road. Summon does not work on a public road, does it?

karthiktn | 2020年1月31日

Model S AP2 HW2 - installed last night..

Few observations so far
1) Send Text by voice/text notifications didn't work
2) Acceleration and braking felt marginally smoother - with a car to car spacing of 4, but was jerky when i changed it to a spacing of 3
3) Rest similar to what others have noticed.