Console top piano black

Console top piano black

I'm going swim against the current on this one: the more I drive my car, the more I like the console top material. It has the perfect amount of tackiness, so that nothing slides. I love that I can plop my leather wallet on the console and it will not slide, no matter how aggressively I maneuver. Also very easy to clean with a quick wipe of a microfiber towel that I keep in the console.

M3phan | 2020年1月30日

Also scratches up nice. ; )
Yeah, I was cleaning it up from fingerprints and smudges too often, wrapped it asap.
Glad you like it though!

edwardjstewart | 2020年1月31日

Console wrap was the only thing I purchased for the car before taking delivery and was the first and pretty much only customization done in my first 2 months. I love the look and wouldn't consider going back.

Having said that, @Big_Ed does have a point -- anything not totally secured slides off pretty quickly. My leather wallet seems to immediately fly off to under the passenger seat on the first right turn.

Big_Ed | 2020年1月31日

I experimented a bit this morning on my commute. Kind of amazing how leather sticks to the console. I pushed my wallet pretty hard and it will NOT slide. It tips up and flips over first.

casun | 2020年1月31日

agreed big_ed. and not a scratch after 18 months.

walnotr | 2020年1月31日

Same with mine. No scratches and still looks great. 7/18 build.

M3phan | 2020年1月31日

Also an aesthetic preference. I don’t really like glossy surfaces in a car, screens not included.