Problems - Scratches, Passenger door, mobile connectivity and general customer service

Problems - Scratches, Passenger door, mobile connectivity and general customer service

Had my M3P for nearly two months got numberous problems with it and customer service (lack of) dont seem to be doing anything about them.

1) I took delivery at South Manchester, UK and found scratches on the front bumper they noted it and agreed it needed painting. They advised they will be in touch with the body repair date and time - Nothing two momths later

2) Inside passenger door is loose - Scheduled service 4 weeks away. Mobile service engineer txt me asking for picture which were emailed with requested dates. Two weeks later no reply.
I have chased three times via email no reply

3) Mobile connectivity drops every day, Have tried hard reboot and soft reboot nothing. This has been happening since 40.50.1 firmware.

4) Wifi has stoped working and can only connect to mobile hot spot since 40.50.1

5) Frunk clips - I took delivery and asked where the frunk clips are. Back ordered but nothing after two months

Question is what is the best way to contact tesla mobile / customer service uk . They dont respond to emails. When you ring the message asks you go to Tesla/ support and choose chat option which doesnt exist!

Does anyone have a complaints number / Email?

Personally i think Tesla customer service is shocking!

Thanks in advance

andy | 2020年1月31日

If your passport is up to date then you trying dropping in on the other side of the Pennines.

Have you tried booking a service appointment through the apps? That triggers a process where they get in touch with you to confirm anything they’re unsure of. You’re going to need an appointment anyway and, once you are in the system then I’ve found the service to be great.

Asking then to check the tyres to see if they needed to be rotated trigged a contact. Tyre rotation isn’t a thing here, just something that tyres do.