New warranty Changes to X

New warranty Changes to X

I looks like Tesla made a change to the warranty of all of the existing Tesla cars including the X. One of the reasons I chose the X over the 3 was the 8 year unlimited mile warranty. This was the logical choice due to the amount of driving that I do. I consider the warranty to be part of the value of the car. It sounds like all cars including ones already owned will have their warranties reduced.

How can this be allowed?

Link to the new warranty info:

albertvillescas | 2020年2月3日

To clarify the warranty will now be 8 years or 150,000 miles for the battery and drive components.

peteheckman13 | 2020年2月3日

I just acquired a 2018 Model X from a private party. Does he (or I) have to do anything to ensure the warranty transfers, or does it stick with the VIN? | 2020年2月3日

@albertvillescas - Warranty on existing cars does not change - only new cars. There is a bug on the website that if you go to warranty it has the current new car warranty for new cars bought today. Your original warranty is still in effect. Use the paper version you have with the original car.

The change likely affects less than 1% of future owners, as very few drive > 150,000 miles in 8 years, other than commercial users and a few super drivers like BighHorn :) Another change is the warranty has a battery replacement for degration beyond of 30% which was unspecified before. Again, I'm not aware of anyone that has anything close to 30% degradation in 8 years, so not likely to affect anyone in the future.

@peteheckman13 - Warranty on used cars from the original owner is the same as the original owner. You do need to transfer ownership, or Tesla will not do warranty work or service, partly to protect against stolen vehicles.

Used cars bought directly from Tesla have a different warranty, often an extension of the warranty making them a good deal, although check to see if this new warranty applies.

Warranty on totaled cars, salvage-titled, and perhaps those sold at auction by Tesla may have a different situation, perhaps no warranty. I'd check carefully on these situations. Note that some ICE dealer Tesla cars are those bought from these auctions. It may be worth it to know the car's history.

r.hauser | 2020年2月3日

Model S and Model X - 8 years or 150,000 miles (240,000 km), whichever comes first, with minimum 70% retention of Battery capacity* over the warranty period. Any Model S or Model X purchased prior to the effective date specified on the cover page of this New Vehicle Limited Warranty is subject to the applicable Battery and Drive Unit Warranty effective as of the date of purchase.

albertvillescas | 2020年2月3日

Thanks for the clarification. I was getting concerned that my warranty would be effected.

griffeyjr | 2020年2月5日

Thanks for the info, I would assume that the warranty info is as of purchase date vs delivery date? I entered into the purchase agreement with the old warranty and would hate to know it is changed.

@albertvillescas funny, I live in a town in minnesota named albertville.

gene | 2020年2月8日

Can anyone update on the current incentives Tesla has if present owners upgrade to a X or S

mattnavarro | 2020年2月9日

I went in for service because both rear seats are stuck in the down position. They looked at the seats and informed me that the part that releases the seats to return to the upright position was broken in both seats and the part is no longer available. The only option is to pay $3300 per seat to repair. This is clearly a defect in the workmanship. He also told me I was the second person that day to have this issue. Has anyone else experienced this defect?

jimglas | 2020年2月9日

What year is your car?

mattnavarro | 2020年2月11日


mattnavarro | 2020年2月11日

It is a 2017