Tesla stock-too late?

Tesla stock-too late?

Yes, I'm late to the party. For you stock experts- would you buy TSLA stock at current values. I plan on keeping it for the long run and not look back. Thanks for your opinions.

SamO | 2020年2月4日

Kathy Woods @ Ark Investment has some opinions on the five-year trajectory of TSLA . . .


jimglas | 2020年2月4日

bankwupcy for sure

Mike83 | 2020年2月4日

Ask Ron Barron

dmm1240 | 2020年2月4日

What matters is the underlying cause of the current run up. If it's mostly a short squeeze the answer is to wait and buy in at a lower price. Short squeezes typically shoot straight up, peak and then decline (though not quite as fast) to a more realistic level reflecting a company's true present and potential for the next few years. If this run up is not being driven by shorts covering then your guess is as good as mine. TSLA could continue to climb, but I have my doubts it can keep up 100 points or better a day. Looks like a short squeeze, but do a little research to make sure. If it's not then the sooner you buy in the better.

Long term, I think Ron Barron et al are right that TSLA has a shot to go to $15,000 or even $22,000 a share sometime within the next 5-10 years. The reason are: 1) Tesla is indeed a technology company, not just another car manufacturer and they are years ahead of any conceivable competition; 2) Tesla's energy division will likely, and not far away, dwarf the vehicle part of the company in revenues; 3) Tesla is vertically integrated giving the company a huge advantage over legacy companies in controlling costs because they farmed out everything from design to seat functions decades ago, they're not a nimble as Tesla and cannot duplicate its production cost advantage; 4) Tesla makes its own batteries, the others do not, and Tesla's batteries are the best in the world at this; and 5) legacy auto companies have the anchor of their antiquated franchise dealership system around their necks and must worry about killing off present sales of ICE cars which will strand billions in assets like factories.

I would also take into account these three things: 1) Tesla's first quarter is almost certain to be weaker than the 4th because vehicle sales are cyclical throughout the year starting slow and increasing until the usually strongest last quarter. Therefore, detractors are likely to hammer Tesla in the press in early April after unit sales are announced calling them "disappointing." 2) Sometime in April Tesla will hold a battery technology day where the company will show off its battery tech to analysts, many think they will announce a big breakthrough in battery technology which company management strongly hinted at in the 4th quarter financial results call. 3) Sometime this year Tesla will become eligible and be added to the S&P 500. When that happens, institutional investors like pension funds will be cleared to accumulate Tesla stock. The demand will drive up prices.

Likely good buy in points if this is a short squeeze: Around April 4th right after first quarter vehicle sales results are announced but at least 10 trading days or better prior to battery day. A second buy in point would be before 2nd quarter vehicle sales results are announced in early July.

After that? It depends on the market overall. My FP expects a 10% pullback for the market (overall) because it's over bought. He thinks the correction will last several months.

And, finally, the corona virus could throw a monkey wrench into the entire thing. Scientists are now predicting the pandemic will reach the US with little chance of stopping it. The outbreak in China has already brought that country's production to a screeching halt with plant closures and travel bans.

If you can figure out the correct path through all that let me know 'cause I'm still trying to puzzle it all out.

Good luck.

andy.connor.e | 2020年2月6日

This is a temporary drop

BadgerErickson | 2020年2月6日

Of course it's good to go, particularly if your idea of "a long run" is 1-20 years.

We are the subsidizers of our own vehicles, and their associated costs.

There are immeasureable benefits to ownership of both the stock itself, and the vehicles. We win/win.

Orthopod | 2020年2月6日

I follow the 25-25-25-25% rule

25% ETFs
25% Resl Estate
25% standard growth secure stocks (top tier if every category)
25% TSLA stock

I don’t care what is the TSLA stock, I just buy to keep my rule alive

healthp222 | 2020年3月16日

While driving back after stopping at a restaurant in Willowbrook near I-294/I-55 in Illinois Navigation got stuck and car position was not being updated. This resulted in autosteer only engaging on I-55 at 40MPH as it figured speed limit was 40 MPH. Stopped at the Bolingbrook supercharger and did the dashboard reboot a few times which did not help. Finally called Tesla support line and after a 40 minute wait rep asked me to disconnect the supercharger and shut the vehicle down completely with doors closed and foot off the brake (it is accessed from controls menu on dashboard).
After 2-3 minutes asked me to power up the car and then resume driving. Found the GPS was working again and updated after about 10 minutes.

Not sure if anyone else saw this on their vehicle but the few search results suggested a GPS wire being bent. Car is fairly new (less than 1 month 1k miles).


Ross1 | 2020年3月16日

This week you can buy stock at the Feb price on its way back down.
You didnt miss anything.
This week: 420

Ross1 | 2020年3月16日

(premarket 475 is 75 down over the weekend)

Bond 007 | 2020年3月16日

Here’s OP’s chance.

andy.connor.e | 2020年3月16日

get ready for a second chance

Madatgascar | 2020年3月16日

Yeah today looks like a good time to jump back in. Wish I kept more dry powder.

andy.connor.e | 2020年3月16日

I dont even know. Probably going to keep going down. Its gone down about 10% every day since last week