Can Sentry Mode and Dog Mode run concurrently

Can Sentry Mode and Dog Mode run concurrently

I noticed the last time I cleaned my M3+ that someone had put some small scratches and a very small dent in the right rear fender. I checked all of the Security camera recording that had been made. I did not find a recording of the person that did the damage. I noticed that times when I had the car in Dog Mode there had been no recording. Is it possible to record Sentry Mode videos when in Dog Mode?

Uncle Paul | 2020年2月7日

Believe Sentry mode has internal motion sensors. Probably not be possible to run with a dog moving around inside.

EVRider | 2020年2月8日

Sentry Mode doesn’t use internal sensors, and will stay on when the car is in Park even if you stay in the car. The manual doesn’t say anything about not being able to use Sentry Mode and Dog Mode at the same time, so all you can do is try it and see (no dog required).