How do you transport your dog?

How do you transport your dog?

In my previous car (Jeep Cherokee) I had a hammock from 'Yogi' which was a perfect fit and also perfect for our dog, a mid-size Labradoodle.
The same hammock doesn't fit very well in my M3, so are there other solutions out there?
How do you transport your dog?

matt | 2020年2月7日

I got the "Grip-tight windowed hammock" from Orvis when I bought my Model 3. It fits the backseat perfectly and the mesh "window" aligns perfectly with the backseat air conditioning to keep my pup cool on hot days.

Smhach | 2020年2月7日

In my wife's car!

ElectricAlex | 2020年2月7日

Take rear seat cushion out, lay seats flat, put down blankets, put dogs in, drive. (I have the 2nd seat bottom version which will not lay seats flat, so take it out)

derotam | 2020年2月7日

In the Frunk....sorry...I dont have a dog.

jim | 2020年2月7日

I purchased this rear seat cover/hammock over a year ago:
It's not a custom made for the M3, so the fit is a bit loose, but it works just fine. So far my 75 pound standard poodle hasn't managed to damage it.

Scrannel | 2020年2月7日

I put in Dog Mode and let him drive.

-TheJohn- | 2020年2月7日

If my wife isn't looking..
I put down a blanket and allow his 70 pound self to be in the back.
If she is looking we drive the Volvo station wagon.

TexasBob | 2020年2月7日
Atoms | 2020年2月7日

In the Honda....

booshtukka | 2020年2月7日

I don’t want to give up all three of the back seats. Is there a more reasonable option?

beaver | 2020年2月8日

@bighorn is the pro - big dogs do what they want ie own the back

Doggiehowser | 2020年2月8日

i concur with @matt. The Orvis hammock is great. Kept the back pretty much spotless though my dog did 'clean' her muzzle on the back of my white seat. Though the vegan leather is so forgiving was no problem at all to clean

Pierogi | 2020年2月8日

I'm curious if anyone has had issues with their dogs getting car sick in their Model 3? Our lab never had issues before, but gets car sick on drives more than an hour in our 3. We have the back seats folded down and her dog bed in the back. We have the car in chill mode and low regen, don't use autopilot or auto-cruise control and give her cerenia. That seems to do the trick and she doesn't get car sick.

sweetmanpe | 2020年2月8日

A second for the Orvis hammock. Fits well and our 75 lb greyhound loves it.

howard | 2020年2月8日

My wife’s GSD just gets in the backseat and lays down. Vacuum good every couple of trips.

kilohu2006 | 2020年2月8日

just put her in the backseat with the seatbelt adapter attached to her harness
she can sit, stand or laydown just fine. i do have seat covers, as she is a 75# german shepard. the rear cargo area of our Lexus 450H is probably more comfortable. in a pinch i have put her in the back of my infiniti G37S with the rear seats down.

in7 | 2020年2月8日

Dog transports me instead. I have a saddle.

RayNLA | 2020年2月11日

In the back seat of the Leaf.

AWDTesla | 2020年2月12日

In my ICE truck. No animals in my car!

Kathy Applebaum | 2020年2月12日

@Pierogi My Mastiff mix used to get car sick in my SUV and he seems to be great in the Model 3. He actually wants to go on car rides just to go now.