Hannibal MO

Hannibal MO

Pleased to see a permit for a Supercharger in Hannibal MO. Cannot come soon enough.

derotam | 2020年2月14日

People still live there? Haha. Sorry... I'm from St. Louis originally.

rxlawdude | 2020年2月14日

I thought Hannibal's MO was to have people for dinner. With flava beans. And Chianti.

cquail | 2020年2月15日

Next Tesla needs a Supercharger in Chillicothe MO so the southern end of CKC 110 (Chicago to Kansas City) can have Supercharging.

cars | 2020年2月15日

Haha rxlawdude. I thought exactly the same and that's why I clicked on this thread.