My car has vanished from app.

My car has vanished from app.

Hi Guys
I’ve had my new car 4 days and now I can’t use any app functions. So limited to using the card. Phoned UK support they can’t help!! So Emailed support in USA yesterday, still waiting for reply.
Has this happened to anyone else

EVRider | 2020年3月10日

Does the car appear on your web account or is it just the app?

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年3月10日

Did you try rebooting the car and app and/or reloading the app?

NorthValley | 2020年3月10日

First rule of Tesla Club...reboot...First rule of Apple Club...reboot...or delete app and reload! I've lost count of the times people have asked my help on phones and after turning phone on/off the issue is so often resolved. Fingers crossed for you that this is the case although I imagine you have already thought of that.

robkona | 2020年3月10日

Hi Guys

Thanks for your replies.

Its only on the app its gone. Still there on web account.
Ive already uninstalled the app , rebooted iPhone and reinstalled that didn't work.

hokiegir1 | 2020年3月10日

In the early days of deliveries, this would happen when there was a paperwork processing lag. Contact your delivery specialist and make sure they've completed everything.

robkona | 2020年3月10日

Ok Hokiegir1 will do