Projections for April 14 Peak in Washington State

Projections for April 14 Peak in Washington State

Here is an excellent graphic for Washington State on what is about to happen based on infections rates, hospitalization rates and resource numbers.

Washington was US's Wuhan. What a stark contrast with China's Wuhan, government response and success.

We still do not have enough testing kits and that is why it is spreading. The single biggest failure of the Trump admin and due to Trump's grifter appointee to the CDC. This is what happens when incompetents and ethically challenged people are put into the government.

"Trump’s CDC chief faces increasingly harsh scrutiny. Early missteps on coronavirus, lack of a consistent message make the nation's disease-fighting agency a focus of criticism."

The MAGA decision to reject the WHO test protocols and develop new tests and kits MADE IN AMERICA stands out. Redfield did this before trying to take advantage of the AIDS epidemic helping a local private company for his personal profit. Trump and his team.

"In 1992, the U.S. Senate gave a $20 million appropriation for a private company, MicroGeneSys, to develop a therapeutic HIV vaccine based on the protein gp160, which went into clinical trials. As Randy Shilts, author of And The Band Played On writes in his followup book that the idea of a therapeutic vaccine was a radical idea that came to Redfield while reading his children a book about Louis Pasteur which he then discussed with Jonas Salk who was in support"

Redfield was a killer in the AIDS pandemic and he's a killer in the Trump Pandemic.

T"he investigation did say that he had an "inappropriate" close relationship with the non-governmental group "Americans for a Sound AIDS/HIV Policy" (ASAP), which promoted the gp160 vaccine. The group was founded by evangelical Christians that worked to contain the HIV/AIDS outbreak by advocating for abstinence before marriage, rather than passing out condoms"

FISHEV | 2020年3月28日

Yikes Trumps Russian bots attack. Careful on @zerondavid95 link above, Webroot flags as dangerous.

Orthopod | 2020年3月28日

I never click any link

Just YouTube ones

FISHEV | 2020年3月28日

You can tell on most links. The above is marijuana product link if you look closely. Advocating THC or CBD for Coronavirus to get credit card info? Tesla's lack of moderation for these kinds of phishing scams makes the forum dangerous for users and a target for the scammers.

Tesla's tolerance for bad behavior makes it less useful for Tesla owners.

FISHEV | 2020年3月28日

And not screening for Tesla ownership allows access for scammers.

Orthopod | 2020年3月28日

Who decided only Tesla owners could start new threads
Who do we have to c9 tact to leave it only to Tesla owners to post

andy.connor.e | 2020年3月28日

conveniently, all of the hard trolls happen to also be owners. i say thats awfully convenient.

FISHEV | 2020年3月28日

"Who decided only Tesla owners could start new threads"

Tesla. This gang has been running amok since the forum started apparently. Someone posted one guys adventures early on posting and getting posts attacked and deleted by the fanbois and someone the guy ends up with the Admin control board. Keeps posting on these forums and Musk and Tesla don't see it for weeks(?). I think after that they tightened down a bit with the Owners Only. Good move Let non-owners read it but don't make they put up scammers and general public. All the problems right here, two scammers and non-Tesla owner troll.

WW_spb | 2020年3月28日

Biggest troll calls others trolls. Am I dreaming? Wake me up

FISHEV | 2020年3月28日

Here are some disturbing numbers. Likely look higher for Testing to Positive ratio as the test kits are still limited due to the Trump's incompetent appointee is heading and sabotaging the CDC so only those with symptoms associated with C19 get tests. A good example here, had Trumps ethics challenged appointee not botched the WHO test procedure handoff, we'd have more tests of people with no symptoms to catch them before they spread the diseases.

16% of those tested had C19





Total test results

Tesla2018 | 2020年3月28日

Although testing kits may help, what's to stop people from thinking they are safe but then the next day they catch it without knowing from touching something and pass it on to others?

FISHEV | 2020年3月29日

"Although testing kits may help, what's to stop people from thinking they are safe but then the next day they catch it without knowing from touching something and pass it on to others?"

Nothing. That's why you keep testing, testing, testing and need millions and millions of test kits. That is how Korea beat the virus. You keep testing, keep finding infected people and immediately isolate them and track who they were in contact with test them, find out who they were in contact with, test them...repeat, repeat, repeat.

This is basic Epidemiology It's how you stop a pandemic.

Due to Trump's denial of a problem and lost 30 days and Trump appointed head of CDC incompetence in turning down WHO test protocols which worked and doing his own MAGA tests which did not, US has not even begun mass testing.

When you walk out of the house and get tested four times by public health workers at the super market, at the super charger, at the supply store, you will know the US is STARTING to work on lowering the infection rate.

sabbia | 2020年3月29日

Ugh! "Peak Projections" aren't very helpful. Let's say we peak in WA on April 14. Let's assume 1 month later we have a nice low of 5% contagious. That means it's still spreading but at a slower rate.Trump might want to pack the pews but who will want to resume non-cautious behavior?

We need treatment and vaccine.