FSD Computer Retrofit experience

FSD Computer Retrofit experience

My wife and I own a pair of LR AWD Model 3s that we bought in September and December of 2018. I paid for FSD for both vehicles in January of 2019.

On a whim, I submitted on 03/24 via the mobile app for each vehicle a mobile service request for the FSD computer retrofit, and within a day I received a call to schedule the service at the Santa Clara service center. One was scheduled for 03/26, and the other for 03/27. I then received a call on 03/25 that indicated that the FSD computers won't be available, so the appointments were pushed out one week, to 04/02 and 04/03 at 8AM and 8:30AM, respectively.

I drove one of them (the 2018-12 one) to the service center on 04/02, and my daughter drove behind me in our Mazda CX-5 that she drives to bring me home. I asked whether I could drive the other Model 3 to pick it up later that day, and leave it for its own service the next day. I was told that I could. I was also provided a $200 Uber credit that I didn't need. Although I was not able to access that Model 3 in the mobile app while it was being serviced, I received a notification in the afternoon that its software update was complete. At about 4:30PM I received a text message that indicated that my Model 3 was ready to be picked up. So, I drove the other one to pick it up, then left it for its own service. The software was 2020.12.1 prior to the retrofit, and was still 2020.12.1 after it was done.

For the second Model 3 (the 2018-09 one), I received notification of the software update mid-morning, and then at about 10:30AM I received a text message that it was ready to be picked up. My daughter drove me there. Same deal as the other one, except that I asked for the tires to be rotated ($50). There were also two TSBs that were taken care of: Replace Charge Port Pin Deadfronts & Readjust Hood Latch.

For both vehicles, we lost the profiles, so we had to adjust all of the settings again, to include HomeLink. I was told by my service advisor that there is a 50% chance of retaining the profile settings.

Anyway, both Model 3s are seeing lots of cones. It was a very positive experience overall.

cussenjim | 2020年4月4日

Also positive experience for me. Took it in Wed. They gave me a loaner Mod S and said probably Friday. Thursday they texted and said it was ready. Got the 3 FSD update, new windshield washer bottle [I payed for that, rat chewed a hole in it.], new charge pins and frunk adjustment. This was at the Houston Westchase location. Very professional.

M3phan | 2020年4月4日

Mine was a fantastic experience as well, and all my profiles were saved minus seat position.

tcandmm | 2020年4月4日

So the total cost is $4,000, correct? I have 2018 LR RWD, thanks.

AstroSteve | 2020年4月4日

I submitted a service request for Hardware 3 install the last weekend in March and it was scheduled for last Friday (4/3). When I dropped it off, I was offered a Model S loaner. Didn't need it, but nice. I knew when it was done as I received a software update notice on my phone even before the text notification from Tesla saying it was done. When I left to pick it up my phone showed the update was 48% done. Picked up the car and intentionally drove where some road work was in progress just to the cones. Cones everywhere, how such a simple thing can make one smile is funny.

Seems like all settings were preserved. Need to check our seat positions.

The bad. When I got home, the software update was still at 48%. They had moved my car out of the service area to outside and the update never completed. I connected the car to my WiFi (MAC address changed as expected). Hours later the software update is still stuck. Put in another service request from my phone which is said to get Tesla to fix it remotely.

This not the first time the Cherry Hill Service has been a major disappointment. It never ends. Feel lucky your service center is competent.

M3phan | 2020年4月4日

@ tcandmm, whatever you paid in advance for fsd option. There’s no additional charge on day of service for the retrofit.

ken.lunde | 2020年4月4日

I paid for the FSD upgrade in very early January of 2019, and it was $5K (per vehicle) at that time.

SolArray | 2020年4月4日

Mine was a very positive experience. Service departments can vary, of course - there are many factors such as staffing and workload (including difficult or urgent matters in their queue) so the time to do the upgrade and return vehicle will vary.

Technically, every major aspect of the vehicle retained my settings. I had to "wake up" the connection to my phone (easy) and reset my driver's profile settings (seat/steering wheel/mirror prefs - also pretty easy). Compared to major upgrades of your computer or primary business software - it was fantastic!

Brief period of driving to recalibrate before Autopilot is available. Very impressive.

tcandmm | 2020年4月5日

@M3Phan, currently I have enhanced autopilot originally paid $5K for it in 2018, I have the option to pay an additional $4K to get FSD now. Does this include all hardware upgrade & software update mentioned above for $4K?

ken.lunde | 2020年4月5日

@tcandmm Yes.

M3phan | 2020年4月5日


fazman | 2020年4月6日

@Ken, you paid $5k for FSD and never asked for a refund? The going rate today is $4k... A month after you shelled out $5k they had dropped the price to $2k... still no dice on asking for a refund?? Seems surprising... I didn’t bite at the $2k price, I won’t bite at the $4k price, I’ll just wait for it to get fully baked and/or maybe HW 3.5 next year (if enough features and the laws change to allow real FSD).

I already had a strange run in on Saturday when the car changed lanes abruptly on me faster than I could react to it. The road was a little twisty and the car moved from the number 1 lane to the number 2 lane because it thought thats how the road twisted. Thankfully no one is on the road because of COVID and no issues (Otherwise I would have been at fault for the AP accident).

lbowroom | 2020年4月6日

Had someone been there, the car wouldn't have changed lanes.

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年4月6日

fazman is an EVIL TROLL

Now he is egging someone to ask for an FSD refund. That is an attempt to incite anger in someone for making them think they got screwed.

lbowroom | 2020年4月6日

he'll start lashing out at us soon, and then proceed to full meltdown mode like mabuck

ken.lunde | 2020年4月6日

I paid $5K per Model 3 fair and square. If I had a crystal ball (or a Magic 8 Ball ;-) that could have seen into the future, I would have waited for the $2K promo. Water under the bridge.

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年4月6日

I paid 3K after the 2k promo, not sorry.

cussenjim | 2020年4月6日

I bought my car used, and original buyer paid for FSD. Just got the HW3 computer upgrade, appreciate him paying for it.

cussenjim | 2020年4月6日

I bought my car used, and original buyer paid for FSD. Just got the HW3 computer upgrade, appreciate him paying for it.

1scallawag | 2020年4月6日

@fazman Just for your info I never asked for a refund of the 5K. No way I am going to give up lifetime free super charging...can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy it and it does not matter to me if I never/ever break even. So far I have 24885 miles with no cost for fuel. To be truthful I have charged at home a few times so knock off the 885 miles. I live in VA and spend winters in FL so make the trip 4 to 6 times a year plus have driven a lot of the east coast. I love having free SC so much I have thought about trading my second M3P- in for a MS since they have free S C now. To me sometimes it is an enjoyable feeling more then the cost and I love and enjoy have free fuel for life on my first M3P+. Just posted because you sounded so surprised someone did not ask for the 5k back.

bddaughe | 2020年4月7日

@ken.lunde, the best part of the computer upgrade for me was using NoA the first time after cameras calibrated. Wow! It responds so much better now with HW3. It immediately determines when it needs to change lanes and then immediately moves out of the passing lane after it finished passing. It doesn't make a lot of sense why other than perhaps the 2.5 processor had too many tasks and put some features (such as changing lanes with NoA) down further on the list of tasks to do only when processing power is available? Not sure. Either performs flawlessly on HW3. Take it out and see if you have the same experience!

cussenjim | 2020年4月7日

I also like the way it can read markings on the lane next to you. If your left lane is left turn only and has arrows on the pavement, it shows up on the display.

TeslaTony310 | 2020年4月7日

Oh look, another FSD thread, to go along with all the other FSD retrofit threads....

M3phan | 2020年4月7日

Yes but I’ll take this thread over a troll-y one any day. : )

sheldon.mike1010 | 2020年4月7日

Had an excellent experience. They kept it overnight, gave an Uber voucher, and didn't lose any settings except the seat position. Even remembered it's own name. I see cones and trashcans that weren't there before.
On the day I got it back, it alerted me through the app that it was alive, then another about taking an update.
All good.

AstroSteve | 2020年4月8日

To close out my comment above regarding the failure of my Service Center to allow the car to complete downloads after the HW3 install.

I put in a service request via the app with a screen shot showing the issue with explanation.

Tesla virtual service sent me a text that they were looking at it. They cleared the autopilot cache and requested a download of 2020.12.1, which was what was installed and what was stuck at 48%. The download and update completed as expected and was followed by a lengthy download of a Navigation Data Update.

Now, all is well. Thanks to Blake at Tesla Devon, PA. Saved me a trip the service center.

ken.lunde | 2020年4月8日

The service center in Santa Clara that did our FSD computer retrofits didn't contact me until the software update was complete, and for both I received notifications on my iPhone via the Tesla mobile app that the software update was complete. And, for both, I needed to enable "Allow Mobile Access" in the vehicle before I could access the vehicle via the mobile app.

TeslaTony310 | 2020年4月8日

@M3phan: Touche!!

M3phan | 2020年4月8日

: )

cussenjim | 2020年4月8日

Just a addition to my previous comments, Tesla rep at Houston Westlake said they are now reading your settings first, and then installing HW3 with your original settings. I left the car there with my key card, and when I got home, all I had to do is re pair mine and my wifes phones. All other settings were retained. Quite happy with the whole experience. I had already downloaded 12.1 before I took it in.