Pass poor timing on my part

Pass poor timing on my part

Well, my stock Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires have turned their last mile. Went out yesterday morning and the sun was shining on the rear tire, showing a notable lack of tread. Checked the fronts, and they were similar.
Did some searching, decided to replace with some Continental ExtremeContact DW06 tires in 255/40-18. Went by Discount Tire, and they helped me get a significant settlement on the Michelin tire wear warranty, and ordered me a set of the Contis.
Great, I thought after I got home, I can try out Dyno mode and burn off the last couple mm tread pretending I’m a teenager again, and then get my new tires tomorrow.
My phone dinged-an update to 2020.8.3 was available. Great, I’ll update and then go for a drive. Half an hour later, I’m pulling out of the neighborhood in Dyno mode, onto the empty three lane road, and I punch it. I could have pedaled the car up to speed faster. Pulled up the notifications, and the dreaded “speed reduced” note was there.
Pulled over and did a quick search, and saw a couple of threads indicating that, as of 2020.8.1, Dyno mode has been nerfed, and burnouts are no longer a feature. How disappointing.

bddaughe | 2020年4月7日

@Frank99, yeah I recently tried this mode for the very first time and was shocked at how slowly it accelerated! Haha, it was rather embarrassing! It was interesting to feel full coasting without any regenerative braking. Otherwise, this mode seems rather worthless.

Frank99 | 2020年4月7日

The comments I read suggested that Dyno mode still works - if the car is stationary (like, strapped into a dyno). However, using a "Public Road Dyno" is no longer supported.

And, yeah, the acceleration was pitiful. At the first light, I got passed by a Prius - who was accelerating normally while I had my foot on the floor.

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年4月7日

So not P model with track mode for you?