Supercharging pricing is changing and I don't like it! (did anyone get the plate on that WHAAAAAMBULANCE?)

Supercharging pricing is changing and I don't like it! (did anyone get the plate on that WHAAAAAMBULANCE?)

With the changes coming to SCs around the country going from ~14-27c/min to 27c+/kWh Tesla has completely nerfed the affordability of long range travel for those of us that don't have FUSC /s

If I were to do the same road trip I did in March on the kWh pricing it would cost me over twice as much to travel the same distance (read: still cheaper than ICE)

I know I know, it's still a good deal.

*insert stomping feet and screeching*

Sorry for offending everyone's delicate sensibilities.

Bighorn | 2020年5月22日

I thought they were instituting discounted off peak rate schedules as well. The only reason they had per minute rates was over the difficulty of reselling power in some states. As charge rates have multiplied in speed, the per minute rate became quite inequitable.

jordanrichard | 2020年5月22日

Pjwheeler, convert what you said into English. How much per mile added does that work out to? I pay $.20 p kWh at my house. In my Model S, for the typical driving I do, it works out to $.05 per mile. If I were still driving my former Mercedes, it would cost me $.14 per mile. You are driving a Model 3 which is far more efficient than my 6 year old MS. So I find it hard to believe that even at this “$.27 per kWh” you quoted, that it is going to cost you twice more to drive your Model 3 than an ICE car.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 2020年5月22日

How is something both a good deal and not economical?

pjwheeler83 | 2020年5月22日

I know I was getting a hell of a deal with the old rates. Some of the Superchargers in the state are still by the minute.

I know this change will only affect a small portion of Tesla owners for a more than likely small portion of time (long road trips)

Long story short is I'm spoiled!

Do you think they will ever axe FUSC on the other models?

hokiegir1 | 2020年5月22日

Would you like some cheese?

pjwheeler83 | 2020年5月22日

I was being more satirical than anything guys. Kinda like one of those Vice headlines.

Even at 27c/kWh it's still much cheaper than gas.

I pay 14c/kWh at home and nothing at work.

@jordan - I've never been good at the math parts but if I'm doing this right I pay 3.8c/mile charging at home or 7.3c/mile at Superchargers. Still an amazing savings even compared to efficient ICE cars (those $1.00/gal prices were getting close though)

@MAB - again, I apologize for my outburst. I'm just doing my best Karen impression. My "bitching" amounts to complaining about getting a 90% discount instead of a 95% discount :)

pjwheeler83 | 2020年5月22日

@hokie - provalone is my favorite <3

lbowroom | 2020年5月22日

Thread title doesn’t sound satirical

Bighorn | 2020年5月22日

Ironically satirical?

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 2020年5月22日

LOL the new title

ken.lunde | 2020年5月22日

I did two round trips between California and South Dakota last year in one of our Model 3s, and when I compared the per-minute versus per-kWh rates, the former ended up being about 20% cheaper than the latter. Some states charged by the minute in a tiered fashion based on the rate-of-charge, and some states charged by actual kWh. To me, it is a wash, particularly when compared to the price of gas.

fazman | 2020年5月23日

If you don’t like the the Supercharger rates... can’t you just charge at home or with some other non-tesla charger instead?

Granted the main and only reason I went with a tesla is because of the supercharging network AND because I got FUSC with my P3D+ (otherwise I would have gone with a P100DL)

Bighorn | 2020年5月23日

Other supercharger system rates are often more expensive. Electrify America can be highway robbery when they charge 99 cents a minute and then deliver slow kWs. I’ve seen examples of greater than a dollar per kWh.

pjwheeler83 | 2020年5月23日

Teslas Supercharger network is still second to none and I suspect it will be for decades to come.

Most people can't even afford any Tesla much less one that comes with FUSC.

More than anything I was surprised to see the changes in pricing from min->kWh because that wasn't possible in Michigan till recently. I'm totally happy with whatever changes are happening because they just opened the first Service Center in Michigan as well.

Pricing will always change (read: go up)

100% increase sounds bad... an increase from 4c/mile to 8c/mile is not bad at all.

bjrosen | 2020年5月23日

Which states prohibit per KWh pricing? I've never seen it, in New England it's always been per KWh which is the proper way to price electricity. 27 cents is fine, my home rate is 21.4 cents, 27 cents is a pretty minimal markup.

Bighorn | 2020年5月23日
inconel | 2020年5月23日

Hopefully with the million miles battery Tesla will finally fulfill the promise of solar+battery at most superchargers to make our travels greener and (maybe) decrease the price.

AstroSteve | 2020年5月23日

I am told that in some states only utilities can sell power, so in those states Tesla charges by the minute. In states without that limitation they charge by KWH. Hopefully these laws will be changed as EVs become common. I live in NJ with per minute charging. A MD Supercharger I used was by KWH. I've only used Superchargers twice and was surprised by the difference until it was explained.