Spotify Tesla account - can't delete songs

Spotify Tesla account - can't delete songs

I found a thread on this from last year that indicated there was no known solution to the problem at the time. I have searched the last ten pages of posts manually, as there is no search functionality here, so here goes:

I can't delete any songs from the inbuilt Tesla Spotify account. I am talking about songs and albums I have added, using the car interface. This has nothing to do with questions others have asked about using their own personal Spotify Premium accounts; I am talking about the Spotify account that came with the new car six months ago and that I understand is part of the premium connectivity offer.

I have tried deleting by unchecking or 'un-plussing', depending on whether it is a song or an album. The songs disappear then come back either immediately or a short time later. The two-button reset and the complete factory reset have no effect on this behavior. I simply can't delete anything I have added from the playlist.

I have found various articles on this here, via Google and even an Australian YouTube video. None of the suggested solutions work and nobody in the prior thread on this forum has found anything that does work. The songs and albums always come back. Other than the Ozzie YouTuber who has done exactly what everyone else has tried, nobody claims to have solved the problem. There are no replies to the YouTube video so no confirmation that his version of the solution works either.