No Live Public Model 3 Reveal Event Invitations Sent Out

No Live Public Model 3 Reveal Event Invitations Sent Out

I called Corp today to ask why I did not get an invite to the Model 3 reveal 3/31 (I've been invited to all major Tesla Events) and after getting bounced around to marketing, sales, reception and my service center, my conclusion is that:

There will be no "public" event invitations sent out. The reveal will be streaming online only.

logicalthinker | 2016年3月14日

wow. That is VERY interesting.

KP in NPT | 2016年3月14日

A thread on TMC stated (rumor) that when someone else inquired (they too had been invited to all Tesla events, and this one had purchased 3 model S's) that he was told that it will be a small group of only the referral winners and Elon's hand picked attendees.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年3月14日

Bloomberg will be there, along with Car and Driver, Motor Trend, Consumer Reports, and CNN, I'm sure. Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Times...? Mebbe not.

holidayday | 2016年3月15日

I'd be careful making oversimplifying assumptions like "There will be no "public" event."

Tesla's inconsistent usage of these events can easily cause assumptions to be completely inaccurate. Tesla is still learning how the public reacts to these events, and I do not think two in a row have ever been the same.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 2016年3月15日

Tickets to the Model ☰ Event and the Gigafactory Grand Opening were rewards in the referral program. Seems like either that means those events are exclusive, or the referral rewards would need to be "VIP" status (i.e. backstage photo with Elon) in order to have some kind of meaning. If everyone got the same reward by just asking, then there wouldn't be much incentive to take the next referral program seriously. Right? I haven't seen any evidence that the referral program rewards are anything more than a ticket to the event... has anyone else?

RichardKJ | 2016年3月15日

I just received the email below...

We're excited to share details of the Model 3 prototype unveiling at an intimate event in Los Angeles, CA for less than 800 people.

We want to share this with Tesla owners first, as a token of our appreciation for your support over the years. We've saved 650 places at the event for current owners including their guests.

Places will be allocated at random through a drawing on March 16. To enter, simply click below and register before noon PST on March 16 2016. You'll need to use your MyTesla email address to ensure successful entry into the lottery. On March 17, official invitations will go out to those selected through the lottery.


Model 3 reservations will open in Tesla stores on March 31 at 10am PST, as well as online immediately when the event (which will also be accessible via a live stream) begins. As a current owner who has supported Tesla and our mission, your reservation will take priority and be placed ahead of non-owners.

Thanks again for your support. Good luck!

The Tesla Team

JoeFee | 2016年3月15日

Me too:

"Please sign up if you would like to attend the Model 3 unveil in Los Angeles, California on March 31, 2016. This offer is available to current Tesla owners and space is limited. Invitations will be randomly selected from those who register prior to noon Pacific time on March 16, 2016. Please use the email address linked to your Tesla account when registering.

Model 3 reservations will open to the public in Tesla stores at 10am Pacific on March 31st. A website live stream with online reservations will begin at 8:30pm Pacific the same day."

noleaf4me | 2017年7月24日

Look at the names on this early fun!

KP in NPT | 2017年7月25日

It looks like that TMC rumor I posted was true - no invites sent out other than referral winners. No lottery like for the reveal. Seems it's referral winners + 1 guest and the press, probably some hand picked folks too. I wonder how many people will be attending. (And so grateful I get to go with @reed_lewis.)