Do you need an Id to make an in store reservation?

Do you need an Id to make an in store reservation?

To start, I've been a huge fan of Tesla for years. However, as a 23 year old just out of college, I can't afford a Model S or a Model X. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my job (I travel every week), there's no way I can make an in store reservation on the 31st. However, my dad works 10 minutes away from a Tesla store in Georgia (the state not the country). Does anyone know whether you need to show an Id to make an in store reservation (talking to current Tesla owners)? My dad has no problem with reserving one for me (giving them my name, address, etc.), but I'm not sure if it's even possible. Also, I plan on getting $5-10k worth of options but that would be a huge hit to my wallet if I don't get the $7500 tax credit (I live in Texas so no state tax credit). Thanks in advance!

Tâm | 2016年3月26日


Its rule is a deposit/reservation is not transferable. It has the right to make an exception but I doubt that they would even consider that possibility on a debut.

As you presented, your option is either online with your name or you drive your car under his name.

Tâm | 2016年3月26日

Oh. About the tax credit. I would not do a budget on expecting that. It is just not predictable.

For an example of how the tax credit phase out works, please see the light blue tab "FAQ" of the community signup sheet for reservations:

clayton.a.phillips | 2016年3月26日

I know that reservations/deposits aren't transferable, that's why I'd like to know if they Id because if they don't he can just make it in my name. The rules are to prevent people from selling their place in line. That's not what I'm doing here.

Tâm | 2016年3月26日


What that means is they will check dad's ID making sure the name matches.

That means he cannot put your name on the form because you will not have ID to prove that you are there.

I understand what the rule's intent is but you'll have to wait for a very slow day where there is no customers and no deliveries to ask for an exception.

clayton.a.phillips | 2016年3月26日

Do you know for a fact they will Id him? If you do it online there's obviously no way to Id someone, but those few hours may mean all the difference.

Tâm | 2016年3月26日


There have been more than 400 signups on that community worksheet and they have confirmed that ID will be checked to make sure a deposit is in the same depositor's name.

If you do not want to show your ID, you have to do it online or you can have someone else to do it online for you..

clayton.a.phillips | 2016年3月26日

Ok, thank you.

clayton.a.phillips | 2016年3月26日

However, I looked at the spreadsheet and I can't find any reference to an Id. How would anyone know in there? No reservations have been made except by Tesla and Space X employees and Tesla hasn't said anything about Id. That's why I asked current Tesla owners if they were Id'ed.

PhillyGal | 2016年3月26日

@clayton - The best advice is to call that store on Monday and ask directly. Tesla can't officially condone that but it's your dad. I'd be willing to bet there's at least a chance if he has a copy of your ID and your credit card in hand.

(I'm desperate to make my reservation in store too but will now be on a plane.)

KP in NPT | 2016年3月26日

If they don't ask for ID I would be surprised. Honestly they probably should.

clayton.a.phillips | 2016年3月26日

@PhillyGal yeah I emailed a Tesla store rep that gave me my Model S test drive a couple weeks ago but haven't heard back. I'll call on Monday. Thanks! All this for a car we haven't even seen! Gotta love the hype.

NKYTA | 2016年3月26日

@PG, get a flight a day earlier! First world problem for one of "the Chosen". ;-)

KP in NPT | 2016年3月26日

@phillygal go early and reserve in LA. :)

PhillyGal | 2016年3月26日

@NKYTA - I know, I know. I need to quit complaining. I'll get my Model 3 "soon" enough.

KP in NPT | 2016年3月26日

You never know. The "chosen ones" might get bumped ahead since some, like you are clearly at a disadvantage. ;)

PhillyGal | 2016年3月26日

@mp - That was yesterday's fantasy when I woke up. What if they "randomly" selected owners from selected points across the country to attend the event, and use us as a small batch roll out to gain visibility across the US?

That fantasy was short lived as a few hours later, I had a pretty hilarious/stupid run in with a robber that sort of took over my thoughts for the rest of the day. (Long story short, I saw him walk out of the store with stolen goods and decided to run after him. I won, I got him to drop everything.)

cloudohana | 2016年3月26日

On the forums, many of the current Tesla owners say they are planning to reserve 1 or 2 for "close relatives". If they can do it, then why couldn't her dad? Or will they not be able to do it either and their reservation numbers will go way down?

clayton.a.phillips | 2016年3月26日

I called three Tesla stores on the west coast before they closed and got three different answers. The rep from the store in Scottsdale, AZ said a family member can reserve one for you. The other two stores were in California and one said that my dad wouldn't be able to and the other didn't know the answer.

Tâm | 2016年3月27日


Sorry for the confusions as you've heard different answers.

I am not in the legal field, so I have no real idea of how it works.

When Scottdale said it's ok to make a deposit for a relative, it looks like they are exercising the clause:

"This Agreement is not transferable or assignable to another party without the prior
written approval of a Tesla authorized representative."

On the other hand, the other 1 CA store that talked to you may not want to exercise that exemption clause.

When you put a deposit down, you need to sign a form called "MODEL 3 RESERVATION AGREEMENT."

It is a legal document in case there would be a need for a lawsuit.

Without exercising the exemption clause from Scottdale, it is doubtful that a relative can sign a legal document for you.

I know that you might say this has nothing with "transfer" and I agree with you the intent.

However, the legal world might hesitate to allow a depositor's "Reservation Agreement" to be signed by a relative.

I know it doesn't make sense but when you click that Agreement online, your username and password is an ID check.

If you don't get a reasonable answers, I guess your dad should go ahead and make a try even though I think the chance is slim.

Good luck.

cquail | 2016年3月27日

I suggest your Dad go to the Georgia store this week and get everything prearranged so when he shows up on March 31st it's just a formality. You could call the Georgia store yourself to get things started.

clayton.a.phillips | 2016年3月27日

Thanks @cquail and everyone else. I'll call tomorrow and hopefully get everything figured out.

mcx-sea | 2016年3月27日

Our Model S shows my son and I as co-owners on the title, the registration, and on Tesla records. If/when I no longer drive it, there will be no title transfer fees, sales tax, gift tax, estate taxes, etc, It will all be his, including the original warranty.

If/when he or I order more Model 3's and/or other Teslas for ourselves or to co-own with other family members, we will both enjoy the "previous owner's priority."

One might confirm with your DMV to confirm co-ownerships are OK in your state.

PhillyGal | 2016年3月27日

@mcx - Excellent point. Just in case, I'm going to have my husband order my Model 3. We are both registered owners of our S but he made the order and drives it the most so we call it his. I will be paying for the Model 3 and driving it most, so while we'll both be registered owners, ti will be mine.

I don't want to risk not getting owners priority for my 3 so I won't reserve in my name.

clayton.a.phillips | 2016年3月27日

@mcx-sea that's interesting. I didn't know that was possible. However, I don't want to co-own the Model 3 and my dad doesn't want to and can't be on the title because we live in different states. This is just for making the reservation.

Tâm | 2016年3月27日


Joint owners are common in a marriage but it can be done for strangers too.

Co-owning a property is quite common such as a joint checking.

Once both co-owners IDs are checked, 1 co-owner can make a decision such as empty the whole bank account and run which is totally legal.

Some people don't like joint owners because for example if a son cause a very bad car accident, the victims might sue the other co-owner such as a father and the family's asset might be at risk.

Redmiata98 | 2016年3月27日

...or Dad could buy it and sell it to his son for $1 after delivery.

clayton.a.phillips | 2016年3月28日

@redmiata98 my dad lives in Georgia and I live in Texas so I'd get it much later if it ships to my dad

finman100 | 2016年3月28日

PhillyGal is Teslawoman, righter of wrongs, chaser of thieves...fear her wrath! wow, any police to make arrests, etc? Good on you for your superhero activities!

clayton.a.phillips | 2016年3月28日

Just talked to a rep at the store in Georgia and got everything sorted out. My dad just needs my credit card number (not the physical card), address, email, etc. so I sent it over to my dad. Looks like I'm good to go. It works out great because I'll have my reservation in before anyone in the central region now and I'm gonna get at least $5-$10k in options so I should be one of the first in my region to get a Model 3.

PhillyGal | 2016年3月28日

@finman - No police, just a few confused Rite Aide employees who didn't even mutter a thank you. The whole thing was idiotic on my part, but as they say hindsight is 20/20...

@clayton - Glad it worked out.

Tâm | 2016年3月28日


Your persistence has paid off handsomely!


Haggy | 2016年3月28日

When I got my Model S, nobody asked me for any ID. Once it was ordered, I had to upload an ID and specify how I wanted the car registered. I have no idea how state laws work where you are, but in my state, the worst case scenario would be that I'd have the registration in two names, if Tesla insisted that the person who reserved the car be on the reservation. I'd then pay a small fee to the DMV to have one name taken off the title.

Generally when people buy things, there's no need to show an ID, and I can't see why Tesla would care. Obviously if you order on line, they aren't going to be checking ID. Of course they don't want credit card fraud, but it's not as if you'd be driving off the lot with a car. If anybody questioned the credit card charge in the next few months, Tesla would be able to cancel the reservation and nobody would have gotten anything, so there's no risk to Tesla if they don't ask for ID.