Yearly service necessary for a leased Model S?

Yearly service necessary for a leased Model S?

Im hoping to benefit from the collective wisdom on this message board. Im considering purchasing the prepaid service plan on my 3 year lease, but Im also considering skipping one of the years and just having it serviced twice. I would then not purchase the prepaid plan. That would save me some money. Any thoughts on whether that seems reasonable? Thanks!

murphyS90D | 2016年3月27日

Check your lease, service may be mandatory. After all it's not your car.

MoCowbell | 2016年3月27日

The website says it isn't mandatory.

EVRider | 2016年3月27日

Unless your lease contract says otherwise, I don't think you're required to have your car serviced (that doesn't mean you shouldn't). I'm leasing also, but I don't have the car yet so I don't have the contract, but I was planning to service the car at most twice, so the prepaid plan isn't a good deal for me.

murphyS90D | 2016年3月27日

It doesn't matter what the website says, that is for people that own their car. For a lease the only thing that matters is what is written into the lease.

MoCowbell | 2016年3月28日

My service advisor said service is not required under a lease.

jlasker999 | 2016年3月28日

Service is not required under the lease. It was suggested to me that I bring it in once, about midway through the lease. I have a credit from referrals that I plan to use by the end of this year for one service. So, it's kinda "free". :)

jskuhn | 2016年4月6日

I just read the current US Bank lease agreement, sent to me by Tesla finance. There is no requirement for yearly service. But, your particular lease agreement will govern, so check it.