M-3 No Promises

M-3 No Promises

Those that stay up all night, camp out, and stress themselves to order the M3, to get the vehicle really fast in the first group need to relax.

Tesla, no matter what is said at reviel or latter about reservation holders, TESLA will do as they please in delivery.

Wait for it. Folks that reserved and confirmed their MX order six months ago are getting their MX now.

Many Signature MX holders are still waiting, along with folks that have been waiting more than three years.

So, chill..

vperl | 2016年3月27日

Buy good blanket, gunna be lots of promises, no actual delivery as promised.

Tstolz | 2016年3月27日

Still ahead of the pack though. If reservations go insane the difference between an early vs late reservation could be a year for a comparably equiped car. The line will be worth it!

Red Sage ca us | 2016年3月27日

Chillest Thine Arse!

vperl | 2016年3月27日

Do not think your early reservation means anything.

Ask a MX Signature holder waiting four years and still waiting.

SamO | 2016年3月27日

Wah. Flagged.

MarlonBrown | 2016年3月27日

Guys, is using a sleeping for cushion then another sleeping bag on top if that is comfortable enough on concrete? Or people typically bring an air mattress?

Ankit Mishra | 2016年3月28日

No. Model X is a complex car and Tesla faced problems in the initial production. Hence, they slowed production in early Q1 to make improvements. Signatures are not waiting, they all will be delivered by March end. They can't put production models on hold if a Signature is waiting for a part or is slowed due to logistics of delivery.
I don't think Model 3 will be as complex as Model X in its 1st iteration. Therefore, it will be much easier to manufacture.

Ankit Mishra | 2016年3月28日

And Model X was initially announced for early 2014. So, the wait of "4 years" isn't all due to Tesla. The delay was of 2 years only.

dd.micsol | 2016年3月28日

I don't think Elon will fail on first delivery dates for mdl 3. He knows the ramifications of it if he doesn't get them out on time. There have been many interviews where he said the 3 will not be delayed. I think he decided to delay model X to save his booty on mdl 3 and be on time with it as it is the car they need to sell 100s of thousands.
I think he'll be on time and he'll do whatever he has to to make it so. Like Elon says a lot of times-failure is not an option. | 2016年3月28日

You don't have a choice of when you will get your car but you may have a choice of when you get in the queue.
Reserving earlier may result in earlier delivery. Therefore, if you are interested in the possibility of getting one earlier, get in line earlier. Guarantees are not part of this process.

NKYTA | 2016年3月28日

Saw a sig red X at the San Mateo SC yesterday, they are out there now.

vperl | 2016年3月28日

Ankitty, you are wrong in the wait period, but your a , TROLL, troll away....

vperl | 2016年3月28日

Very few of the whole herd of Sig. MX have been delivered.

But, ...... Who cares ?

Ankit Mishra | 2016年3月28日

Please check your behavior. Your uncivil behavior makes you unworthy of being taken seriously.

jordanrichard | 2016年3月28日

georgehawley, what determines how early one gets their car is based on how the configure their car. Getting on the queue first, just gets you the ability to configure your car first. Theoretically, if you are first "in line" to configure your car, and your neighbor is placed 800th, but options his/her car out more than you, they will get their car first.

vperl | 2016年3月28日

Troll, your facts of how long the MX has been able to reserve are well before 2014, but your a troll.

I got paperwork.

Sorry, Troll.

priustech | 2016年3月28日

Ankit is a loyal Tesla fan and analyses on point. . Your drivel is meaningless vperl.

cheekedave | 2016年3月28日

vperl, dont be butthurt. I am going to wait happily. I dont care how long it will take to come but I will be one of the first in line.

vperl | 2016年3月28日

Your troll buddy is totally wrong about the date the MX went on reservation ..

But, since many of you are recent folks, you ignore fact.

vperl | 2016年3月28日

ThecTroll Ankia, claimed in a post just above that the MX was revield mid 2014 not sure she has a clue, trolls care not of facts.

If one took the time to do just a minor search... One might resized many Sig Model X were taken well before that.

But, since you like this troll you never looked. Troll lovers care not.

Look at the Tesla WiKi page or Google around, I am sure there is an earlier date.. But... You trolls are lazy.

Here is portion of fact "The Tesla Model X is a full-size crossover SUV made by Tesla Motors. The prototype was unveiled at Tesla’s design studios in Los Angeles on February 9, 2012.[4] The Model X was developed from the full-size sedan platform of the Tesla Model S; both are being produced at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California. "

Soon after reservations were taken within hours, founders were done, SIG's and Production

paul | 2016年3月28日

I just leased my Model S. Once the lease gets close to expire, I will look at ordering the Model 3 and hope I will not have to wait. I am only in the 3rd month of the lease.

dsvick | 2016年3月28日


You need to go check out the definition of troll as it relates to the internet, Ankit does not meet the definition. Someone else involved on all of these posts does however.

Ankit was referring to delay which was two years, you are referring to the total waiting period which was four years. You're both right, now can we stop calling everyone a troll, a troll lover, a troll buddy or whatever other name you want to call someone?

rxlawdude | 2016年3月28日

Ah, vperl. Never met a thread he/she/it couldn't crap on.

Jama | 2016年3月28日

Give him a break, at least he is a good troll and there is nothing wrong with that.

Guy2095 | 2016年3月28日


Yes Elon knows the ramifications: Even more people will be whining ceaselessly on the Forums that they can't get their hands on their new cars soon enough.

Ooooo, that's gotta hurt! LOL

SamO | 2016年3月28日

Vperl calling someone a troll is like Obama calling someone a socialist

Haggy | 2016年3月29日

Of course Obama is a socialist. He bailed out the auto industry with our money! Or was that somebody else? Never mind that one then, he's duplicitous and was born both in Kenya and in Hawaii at the same time. He's an atheist and a Muslim. And let's not forget his controversial Christian minister whose views he must have supported since he was such a long time member of his church.

I'm sorry, was this thread supposed to be about the Model three?

Darryl | 2016年3月29日

Many people placed their reservation for a Model X three years ago and are still waiting. Others placed a reservation and then ordered and are getting their cars 8 weeks from the time they reserved.

What you order is probably 95% of the equation vs the reservation number is 5%. The reservation sequence number only sets the order which people can design and order. What option you choose determines when you get the car? If you order a loaded car you will get it first. If you order a base model you will get it last.

Tesla has already said loaded cars go first. In the end the reservation number plays a very little role as to when you will get your car.

SamO | 2016年3月29日


This thread was intended to stir the pot and troll. Just doing my part.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年3月30日

Haggy: +1! Oh, I see what you did there... ;-)

TaoJones | 2016年4月1日

Must be something in the water. The same cranial-rectal inversion evident at TMC has leaked over here as well.

This doesn't need to be hard. Maybe less time spent with video games and more time spent thinking critically and reading *gasp* books would help.

Fully-optioned cars ordered by owners in California will ship first.

Ergo, within that pool, those owners, as defined in the sentence above, who stood in line yesterday will get their fully-optioned cars before owners who did not.

Let's turn the cube for another view. Non-owners in Sri Lanka who order a strippie (not to be confused with a stripper, although I understand great strides have been made recently in global shipping. Now there's a use for the Slovakian Hyperloop, right there, yeah. But I digress.) will get their cars last.

Everyone else is in the middle. Segment further by production capacity and visibility improves even more.

Caveat: I don't recall Tesla saying anything about the fully-optioned part - merely that it has been implied based upon past order history and common sense. | 2016年4月1日

The wild card in relation to delivery time will be the status of the federal tax credit in the future. If the rules remain unchanged, the phase out will begin, maybe after 1Q2019 or so. So far Tesla has delivered about 60,000 cars in the U.S. This will grow to about 100,000 by the end of 2016. They could deliver as many as 60,000 MX cars and MS cars in the U.S. in 2017, bringing the total to 160,000. The M≡ shows up at the end of 2017 if on time. They could deliver 90,000 cars in the year end 2018, bringing the U.S. Total to 250,000 by that time. If the 200,000 figure is exceeded in 3Q2018, then the tax credit drops to $3750 in 2Q19. If 40% of U.S. Deliveries are M≡ in 2018, that's about 36,000. Maybe another 15,000 in 1Q2019. So you want to be in the first 50,000 in the U.S. to get one, assuming half of the deliveries are outside the U.S.

Lots of if's and assumptions but it gives a rationale for getting a reservation early on the premise that it is no guarantee but it could get an earlier car.

Disclaimer: I was number 24 in line locally yesterday AM.