One of the most exciting days of my life? 03/31/16

One of the most exciting days of my life? 03/31/16

How is the car going to look like?
I think the front will very low profile. Kind of an Audi R8 front. Or it could look rounded and short like a mini.

priustech | 2016年3月28日

+1. This is a historic automotive event.

PhillyGal | 2016年3月28日

I urge you all to visit the Teslarati website tomorrow. I'm working on a post about the significance of the event :)

Hi_Tech | 2016年3月28日

@PhillyGal, I've just joined the Teslarati community and got the app over the weekend. Enjoy the articles and info. Hope to have more and more... :-)

side note on Teslarati, I'd love for someone there to do research on the question I've raised in some of my posts: what are the growth plan for the different EV battery manufacturers. I believe this is where the real predictions can be made.

Back to this topic, I have been thinking of a sportier look to the Model 3 as well. But, please no "rounded and short" design. The mini, i3, Leaf, Volt..... all of those look like a giant Disney robot took a dump! 8-O

Chunky Jr. | 2016年3月28日

3/31 also happens to be the day my car turns 3 years old!

Red Sage ca us | 2016年3月28日

Coming... SOON! To a driveway near you...

Tstolz | 2016年3月29日

I agree ... my family thinks I'm nuts but we are living an historic moment! The world will wake up a changed place on April 1. | 2016年3月29日

I just passed a physical so I'm pretty sure I will survive the excitement.:-)) | 2016年3月29日

ooh, ooh, I don't think I can stand the excitement!