No reference number on E-mail confirmation.

No reference number on E-mail confirmation.

Ordered 2 at 12:30 pm PST after waiting in line yesterday. Got E-mail confirmation at 6:00 AM today, however no reference or reservation number listed. My Tesla page shows nothing, not even an order for model 3. How can I know I was slotted correctly and rewarded for waiting in line, will any reference appear soon?

daveklau | 2016年4月1日

I was about to ask the same thing. Also placed an order for 2 yesterday in line and got the email around the same time you did (6am). No RN or 'what's next?' listed on MyTesla.

Captain_Zap | 2016年4月1日

Your reference number will show up on your "My Tesla" page. The numbers are trickling out. Mine took 18 hours to appear.

NKYTA | 2016年4月1日

Just got ours this morning. I use "ours" loosely. :-)

Bighorn | 2016年4月1日

Got mine 21 hours later on myTesla. Number won't give you any information that you seek.

starke49 | 2016年4月1日

Thanks CZ, but how do we know the time the order was placed by someone waiting in line is given some potential priority over ones placed much later?

Bighorn | 2016年4月1日

Because we live in a civilized society.