Duck Grille

Duck Grille

Gonna buy 2 III's,but does not the front look like a duck's bill?

FelixMendeldog | 2016年4月3日

Not final. Read Elon’s Twitter summary!

Superliner | 2016年4月3日

I agree it's not very attractive let's hope that it gets modified in some way to be a little bit more aesthetically pleasing not a big fan of the grille less design particularly not when it's shaped like that. While electric cars don't require a large Grille opening they do require some air inlet for electronics Cooling and such hopefully they can integrate something that looks better than that

jbunn | 2016年4月3日

It does have a bit of a duck face, but it looks natural with the euro license plate. Probably looks better with the US plates as well.

It's odd in general to see cars without grilles but it's not really needed on electrics so our design expectations might be changing as we see more pure electrics.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月3日

Looks a bit different from a higher camera angle, peering downward. Not impressive at ground level, looking upward.

Pando | 2016年4月3日

Here is a quick photoshop job of how it would look without the duck face. It's a bit bland, but feels neutral as the eye will focus on the overall shape of the car and its prettier design elements. The duck face is distracting from certain angles (car appears "angry"), but from other angles the "blunt" front adds character.

I would also think that a smoother nose would help with lowering the drag coefficient.

Pando | 2016年4月3日

Looks like I can't insert images here. Sorry.

Pando | 2016年4月3日

I hope this helps:

imgur dot com /cE9muXu.jpg

mos6507 | 2016年4月4日

" they do require some air inlet for electronics Cooling"

"Electronics" cooling? They need an air inlet of some kind for the vent/AC/heater.

Captain_Zap | 2016年4月4日

The angle of the cameras didn't flatter the front end. A more sculpted front end might help aerodynamics but it could result in a longer car. It looks like the plane in front follows the inner structure of the car and its bumper.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月4日

Do a search for this to get a good idea of how large, small, long, short, or tall the vehicle is relative to its environment:

YouTube -- Tesla Model 3 Real Live Footage Spotted in The Wild 02 April 2016 HD Video

NKYTA | 2016年4月4日

Nose-Cone-Gate #2?

I haven't had this much fun (aside from driving my MS) in years!! ;-) | 2016年4月5日

Duck, an M≡ is coming.