Tesla software

Tesla software

Is the in-car software a bespoke OS or is it built on top of a standard system like Android. Does anyone know?

Also, are there any plans to allow 3rd party app development?

Brian H | 2016年4月7日


danielpf | 2016年4月9日

The kernel is Linux. What is around is largely made in house.
In principle Tesla should provide the source code of the open source software they use, but I have never seen a link to that.

IDGNS: Tell me about the software in the car.

JBS: We wrote most of the software in the car ourselves. All of the screens you see were programmed here, designed here, and we have a whole team of software engineers upstairs implementing that and making it a reality. We are using an operating system that is a version of something called Linux. That is open source, very robust standard, for the display and entertainment. For the control and motor and things like that, we don't have operating systems. They run in a lower level and are actually running C code, so we have engineers upstairs writing in the C programming language, building the control loops from scratch. We write it, we model it, we test it here.

IDGNS: So if the Linux crashes, the car won't go off the road?

JBS: That's a key point. The whole entertainment system, those touchscreens, all of the applications you might load are totally separate from the propulsion of the car. In fact you could, if you had to, turn off the screens in the car while driving and the car still drives just fine. You couldn't see your Google Map, but you could still drive and stop and do everything else.


Dithermaster | 2016年4月15日

My understanding is that for that same system they use the Qt framework in their application which runs on Linux. Overall, great choices, in my software professional opinion.

nickivieru1991 | 2019年9月4日

So, guys are there any documentation about Tesla's software? I'm a novice tech guy and I like to get in the technical part of every process and as Tesla is so famous for its technology, it would be a sin to not know what 's happening behind that brand. Now I'm working on a few projects. I'm doing documentations with the help of, in which I explain how certain software works. Tesla is on my checklist. So, guys, every information about it is welcomed.

bp | 2019年9月4日

Unless Tesla decides to publish a 3rd party API (Application Programming Interface), Tesla probably won't and shouldn't release any details about the implementation of their software to reduce the risk of malicious software that could impact the safety of operating their vehicles.

Tesla originally planned to release an API and provide a 3rd party App Store for downloadable applications running on the console processor.

Now it appears more likely we'll eventually see some form of "screen mirroring" so that 3rd party apps will run on mobile devices connected via Bluetooth, with extremely limited access to the console processor's resources (primarily user interface, audio/video, …).

andy.connor.e | 2019年9月4日

Agree, im not really interested in paying Norton for Tesla antivirus. | 2019年9月17日

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