Tesla Powerwall 6.4kWh

Tesla Powerwall 6.4kWh


I would be interested in acquiring a unit Tesla POWERWALL 6.4 KWh. I plan to use the unit with a group of solar panel on an offgrid house.
Do you have a full "Specifation sheet"?

1. What should be the input voltage and ampere to recharge the unit (12V, 24V DC?)
2. What is the output voltage of the unit (12V, 24V DC)?
3. What is the capacity in Ah (ampere-hour) of the unit?
4. What is the Lifecycle?
5. How much powerwall can be parallel?

compchat | 2016年4月10日

Click on Powerwall at the top of the page (in black). The output of the powerwall is AC because it requires an inverter to change DC to AC.

FuuMasta | 2016年4月10日

You can put up to 9 PowerWall together.

A single PowerWall have a maximum output of 3300w for about 2 hours with a 6.4Kwh capacity.

whodogred | 2019年7月19日

Where? How? Can I talk to a "LIVE BODY" regarding your 6.4 kWh Power Wall ?!?!?!?!?!? I have your solar panels on the roof of my house. I have a "ton" of questions. The internet info is confusing and a one way conversation. Thank You!!!!! Tom.