500,000 is 1388/day.

500,000 is 1388/day.

Fremont factory with the modern robotics should be able to make all the M3s. Ambitious but very possible. Looking back at making the Model S most assumed that was impossible. I'm not an insider but recall the history. The naysayers will continue to lose.

Badbot | 2016年5月8日

You could at least give them 1 day a week off.

At 360 days in your math you get 5 days off a year. Kind of stingy. Xmas, new year, thanks giving, labor day, and the 4th of July. are you going to make them work Feb. 29 as well?

Mike83 | 2016年5月8日

The robots can work 24/7. They get 5 days off for lubricants. Also 3 shifts for the programmers. It may be possible to make 20% more with more advanced robotics.

dsvick | 2016年5月9日

The robots can work 24/7. They get 5 days off for lubricants.
@Mike83 - Perhaps you should be more generous.

Knowing Elon's penchant for Sci-fi references, I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere within TM there is a server or internal network called SkyNet. ...

Just saying ...

jordanrichard | 2016年5月9日

I saw a program on BBC America that was hosted my James May, that took place at a Mini plant in the UK. They mentioned that they produce 1000 cars a day.

Hi_Tech | 2016年5月9日

@dsvick: +1 hahaha... I wouldn't be surprised to see SkyNet to control the robots in TM either.

Hi_Tech | 2016年5月9日

@JordanRichard - But 1000 cars/day is only 365k cars/year. Not enough. ;-) | 2016年5月9日

500,000 TOTAL cars produced is Tesla's goal for 2018

Assuming 120K are S and X, that leaves 380K for M3
That's a little over 1100 a day. Now, they will probably use parallel production lines, so 3 lines that could each produce 400 a day sounds possible to me. Then, you just add another line when needed, assuming they have the space to do so. | 2016年5月9日

That would make the Tesla factory the #1 production auto factory in the country. Ford's Kansas city plant can produce 400k-500k a year in 10% less space. My guess is Tesla uses more robots than Ford but this will still be a monumental achievement should Tesla execute to plan.

carlgo2 | 2016年5月9日

Yeah, steel cars have been made in this quantity for years. And it is probably quicker to build an electric car if you include not needing to assemble complex motors and transmissions. Also, remember that most car plants are using older generation production equipment while everything Tesla uses is new and shiny. And the M3 reportedly has a modern design carefully considered for rapid construction.

It would be interesting to see the Ford plant putting together billions of aluminum truck bodies. Their line would also use state of the art new stuff.