India specific changes

India specific changes

India has now acquired its own navigation system.

In order to use that NAVIC the system needs to use a different API instead of GPS protocol. New devices are expected. Will Tesla implement Indian system?

Andhra Pradesh is a newly formed state and our chief minister N.Chandrababu Naidu will support new manufacturers by giving tax concessions also. Suggest you to choose Andhra Pradesh for manufacturing in India.

sbeggs | 2016年5月9日

Horn must have sound "beep beep" going off every 3 seconds!

Blue85DCalifornia | 2016年5月9日

Why would Tesla spend a single penny of development work to support NAVIC when GPS works fine? "Just because it's there" seems like a silly business reason to do something.

One answer could be what Russia does for cell phones. Cell phones sold in Russia are required to support the Russian GLONASS global positioning system. That's sort of cool for the rest of us as Apple (and others for all I know) use GPS chipsets in their iPhone/iPad that support both the US GPS and Russian GLONASS systems. The result is better resolution and reliability.

Until/Unless some Indian regulatory agency requires it, I really don't want Tesla wasting development resources on NAVIC.