It's time to put a cap on thread creation

It's time to put a cap on thread creation

All this spam, how hard would it be to cap it to two new threads per hour or something like that. This spam is getting out of hand. Posts should probably capped as well, perhaps to 30 an hour. That's probably way too high, but these forums are becoming more and more unusable.

Nexxus | 2016年5月18日

Or better yet, disallow any posts from those five names again. It'll stop it for a day or two until they come up with new names.

martinmitchell | 2016年5月18日

Time to break out my "Death to Spammers" T-shirt. | 2016年5月18日

Other easy fixes
1) do not allow a second message with the identical title or body to be allowed in the same day,
2) do not allow an identical post that matches the prior post (it would also eliminate double posts from users who inadvertently go back and press Save again).
3) Hex characters in the subject line (like today's spam) are automatically flagged as spam
4) Anyone who is a guest (i.e. not a owner or reservation holder) are limited to 1 new thread per day and maybe 5 posts per day.

slasher0016 | 2016年5月18日

I like #4 a lot.

vp09 | 2016年5月18日

Good ideas all. These forums are becoming less and less enjoyable to use.

warren_tran | 2016年5月18日

I also vote for #4.

deesugar | 2016年5月18日

You guys are funny. I think clearly Tesla is not interested in investing time or money in the forums.
There are no mods
There is no search function
There is no control panel for users
There is no easy way to add links or pics

So right now it's the wild wild west and not apt to change anytime in the future.

Rocky_H | 2016年5月19日

@deesugar, Quote: "You guys are funny. I think clearly Tesla is not interested in investing time or money in the forums."

Excuse me, but it is you who are funny. What they currently do is have someone go in and spend their time to manually delete thread after thread of spam pretty frequently. If they actually wanted to save time, they could program in a couple of these fixes, and the problem would stop, so they wouldn't have to keep babysitting and fixing it.

Chunky Jr. | 2016年5月19日

Limiting posts won't really help because the spammer can create a new user for each spam post. If they can create one user automatically, they can create 1000s. If they are creating user names manually, then spamming from there, then limiting to one new thread a day would be reasonable until the user builds up trust, and then that limit could be relaxed over time.

compchat | 2016年5月19日

This BBS software is terrible. I ran a better BBS in the 1990s with a program called "webboard". It was a windows based program running on an NT Server (for those of you who remember). It would run as an application or service. In any case it had far more features then then this ancient BBS.

Tesla....please start from scratch and re-write this BBS or better yet purchase a software package that reflects the qualitiy of your vehicles !

warren_tran | 2016年5月20日

How about a cap with duplicate thread on same topic across different sub forum. There are a few people have more time on their hands.

RedShift | 2016年5月20日

#4. Dont complicate it beyond that.