Driver and Passanger door!?!?!?!?!?

Driver and Passanger door!?!?!?!?!?

My two front doors were opening very forcefully while on a very small incline this resulted in hitting another car. They opened to were I couldn't get in, opened like it was going to break the door off. Now I went to a place were it was flat and opened the door and I had no problem after. Could somebody tell me what this was. This was right after I took my X down for service

lilbean | 2016年6月7日

My car did that yesterday on a level parking lot. My husband luckily blocked the door from hitting the other car. This was witnessed by the owner of the vehicle as she was waiting to get in her car. To top that off, my kids were getting in the back seat and she was waiting for the FWD to close. She did not look happy! Sometimes, the door swings out forcefully, hitting our other car. My car needs an exorcism. I just haven't gotten around to it. Lol.

elguapo | 2016年6月7日

If you're talking about when you approach the car and auto present, I think it's software and has to do with how it handles two pieces of info. First, we all know (or believe) the driver door uses the driver side FWD to understand whether there's an obstacle in the way prior to opening. Second, the car somehow triangulates where the FOB is and use that info as well for how far to open. We know this because when you approach from the front, the door just pops open a bit, when you pass it, it then opens the rest of the way. Somehow, it can get conflicting info about whether there's an obstacle vs fob location. I think.

Other issue - your FWD sounds like it was open before front door. If that's the case, the front doors think they can just fly open as the fwd doesn't detect any obstacles since the sensor is pointing up (fwd is fully open). This may be the bigger issue - avoid opening front door unless fwd on same side is closed. This, I think, cannot be fixed by software, but should have been foreseen by TM as a reason to put a sensor in the front doors. Long answer, but those are my guesses based on experience.

ernie | 2016年6月7日

One reason why I do not use that feature is written in this thread already. I still have 18 fingers and 2 thumbs to push the handle, plus it probably burns 1/32 of a calorie.

lilbean | 2016年6月7日

You are so smart elguapo. Thank you :)

rossRallen | 2016年6月7日

@ernie - unless you're a more highly-evolved life form than certain other posters on the forums (as I have some reason to believe), or simply have keyboarding issues, wouldn't that be, um...
8 fingers and 2 thumbs, or 16 fingers and 4 thumbs for two (2) humanoids working cooperatively?

rossRallen | 2016年6月7日

@elguapo - it should be easy to test your FWD sensor working with front door hypothesis. Good thinking.

ernie | 2016年6月7日

@rossRallen.,..included my wife. Sorry for the misrepresentation. I OWN her fingers. Actually, had a brain freeze and should have counted toes...oh well...I am not a hand surgeon...just an old broken down medic.........

lilbean | 2016年6月7日

@ernie: lol. I was an EMT :)

rossRallen | 2016年6月7日

And I am a junior veterinary technician: cat-pilling is my specialty. I use MRSVT after my name along with all the other degrees.

aesculus | 2016年6月7日

Cat pilling is an art. Have 25 years as an EMT too but done with all of that. :-)

lilbean | 2016年6月7日

I'm a PA too and I'm done with that too.

Triggerplz | 2016年6月8日

Wow it's been a long day and I ended up on the medical thread. :-)

ernie | 2016年6月10日

If you have a sucking chest wound I can help. Well...that was very important back in 1965. Lots of trauma to heads, chests and other appendages. Fun thing training to jam a small toothpaste sized morphine syrette with a pencil lead sized needle into your leg wearing fatigues. Only time I saw guys pass out. A medic in pain needed morphine so he could help others.

Now the trauma is so much more severe in many cases and more survive. What's this got to do with doors?

Dcp9142 | 2016年6月10日

Use the big wound injector filled with chitosan sponges. Tamponades even a transacted femoral very nicely.

PXChanel | 2016年6月10日

Ditto on @ernie comment, I am also not using auto present door feature for driver bc I had read ab another MX owners' experience with his door hitting another car parked next to him.

Subroutine | 2016年6月10日

I guess I'll have to keep that option off when I get mine. Disappointed to say the least.

My only hope is that a software update allows you to limit the opening similar to the way you can adjust the front-end clearance for the Summon feature. I have to believe they'll need to do something.

Maybe I should have stuck with the Model S.

lilbean | 2016年6月10日

Yes it is disappointing. I had mine off for the first month I had the car after a Tesla employee recommended that to me. I did turn it on because it's one of the features that attracted me to the car. Oh well. It may be more trouble than it's worth. When I parallel parked on a busy street, I wished it was off because I was afraid to go near the car for fear of my door swinging out into traffic.

aesculus | 2016年6月10日

Just pause a the rear corner until it's safe to approach the door. Then when clear and you get to the FWD the door will open and you can slide it. It's actually safer than approaching the car, pausing at the door and pressing open and waiting there before you can enter.

lilbean | 2016年6月10日

Good to know. Thanks @aesculus :-).

aesculus | 2016年6月10日

I seem to be missing my prepositions tonight. :-(

PXChanel | 2016年6月10日

Guys, I would ot trade my MX for an MS just for this driver door issue, which us really not an issue at all, if you turn the auto present off. I happen to be a skinny person bc I work HARD at it, but we all know lots of folks have some trouble in their middle area. I cannot imagine Tesla Motors limiting the distance the auto present doors could open because guess what, let's face it, half of Americans are OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE. Tesla must know this. It would not be practical for Tesla to limit the distance the auto present doors can open since half the people would probably not fit. Just turn off the feature and enjoy the best car on the planet. No brainer.

lilbean | 2016年6月10日

Tesla should not enable obesity in America :)

ernie | 2016年6月11日

@aesculus...that is a "knotty" problem. But, knots are found in oak. Aesculus of course as we all know is Latin for oak. | 2016年6月11日

New feature: driver's seat measures weight of driver and adjusts door opening automatically. (Driver must first input height so that girth may be estimated.) The car needs more complications. This is a hubrismobile after all. 😝

jon | 2016年6月11日

As a practicing hand surgeon I ain't never seen an 18 fingered +2 thumbed patient. I seen a 7 fingered not once, but darn, if love a photo of your hands Ernie!

ernie | 2016年6月11日

@jon...when you finish "practicing" and move on to real hands...I will be waiting to wave mine to ya.

PXChanel | 2016年6月13日

@george LOL. How about a Tesla driver seat calculates your weight, abdominal girth and BMI and recommends where you should or shouldn't park, to ensure the door can open wide enough, much like trucks and bridges weight allowance, or planes and luggage, or obese patients being hauled off to Bronx Zoo Vet CT bc they would not fit in any human CT in any NYC hospital...that last part might not be true, hard to believe

lilbean | 2016年6月13日

I had a patient that didn't fit in the CT. He had to be forklifted out of his house. No joke. | 2016年6月13日

BMW 7-Series owner's manual used to have section on diet and exercise with a set of exercises to be used every so many miles of driving.

I am still experiencing an occasional issue with my passenger door not latching when it closes. Slamarama!

jpboyerva | 2016年6月13日

Oh no! Not slam a Rama! I haven't used that since the the 1952 grain truck I drove when I was 15. (That was in the early 1960s)